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Hope you are all having a great week!

Last night I went to my fabulous friend’s, Mollie and Jaymee’s, holiday party at the beautiful Four Seasons in downtown Seattle, followed by dinner out with my husband and a few of his colleagues who are visiting from Boston. Not a bad Tuesday night!

Instead of buying a new dress, I instead had this pink one you’ve seen a few times before here and here shortened a little and paired with my black polka dot tights and a sparkly necklace to “winterize” it. A dress that works for all seasons! That is the great thing about a shift dress. I also had another dress shortened a bit for a party I have on Saturday night, sometimes that is a great way to change up a knee length dress if it is long enough to begin with. 

Along with my necklace I also accessorized with a Christmas present that my husband  was forced kindly gave me early, this sequin band for my watch – I love sparkly things! The bands on Michele watches are easy to swap out on your own so it is fun being able to change up my watch look.

What are you wearing for your holiday parties this year?

Dress – Ann Taylor (similar here and here), Polka Dot Tights – Commando (so comfy), Shoes – Nine West (similar), Necklace – Premier Designs,

012 (496x900)


026 (483x900)


016 (514x900)


033 (900x675)


And here I am at the party with one of the hosts, Jaymee, and our dapper friend Andrew!

036 (900x674)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had a great time at the symphony and then out to dinner on Friday night with our friend’s, Brandon and Amanda. Saturday night I had a fun night out with the girls, and Sunday Michael and I went out for a delicious brunch followed by a doing a few returns downtown, and then relaxing watching a movie for the rest of the afternoon. Wore my faux fur vest out Sunday finally but neglected to take pictures – it is warm and toasty although a little hard to layer under a coat…

Here is Friday night’s outfit and a picture of Amanda and me after the concert. She has such a great sense of style – she offset her gorgeous black and white print sheath dress with edgy shoes, a leather jacket and vintage style earrings. I stuck with a classic black dress that was a hand me down from my mother in law, and jazzed it up with my new polka dots tights. These tights are a brand called Commando that is truly my favorite. Spanx Tight End are great if you are looking for a relatively comfortable control top, but nothing beats the comfort of Commando-  literally no waistband do do any annoying digging. Absolutely worth the  price.  Amanda and I both went with red lips, love it! I decided some red lipstick was a holiday necessity and picked up one from MAC in Russian Red last week.

What do you think about polka dots tights or red lips?

Dress- Cache hand me down (similar), Tights – Commando, Shoes – Nine West (similar), Necklace – Premier Designs, Clutch – Coach

Now for today, we actually have an exciting Monday night planned. Back last year for Christmas I bought Michael a French cooking class Groupon to take together so that is where we are headed tonight. Looking forward to learning something new that I can “Primalize” for the blog hopefully. We finish the 4 hour class with dinner that is supposed to be a little fancy so it was requested we dress up a bit. Well I wanted to look nice and be comfy of course for all that cooking, so what is better than leggings and a sweater dress? I am a bit obsessed I think, I just can’t turn them down! Especially ones with long sleeves as I find them much better for the winter. So when I came across the one I am wearing at Old Navy with a 30% off sale, I just couldn’t turn it down – shopping hiatus immediately forgotten! I don’t wear a lot of brown, I favor black, navy and grey for neutrals, but decided I really liked the heather brown color of this dress and went for it. If you are in the market for a flattering sweater dress, give this one a shot!

Dress- Old Navy, Leggings – Old Navy, Boots – Halogen

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