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Everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I’m very excited to be hosting this year, my mom and brother will be visiting, and we have a few friends coming as well. I’m leaving my mom in charge of the turkey (that’s what mom’s are good at right?!), but here are the sides I’m planning on:

Grain Free Stuffing

Paleo Green Bean Casserole

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Slow Cooker Buttery Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

Coconut Flour Muffins

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Paleo Cranberry Sauce

Yum Yum!

Wore this outfit to dinner on a cold Friday night, perfect to break out some faux fur. I love this tunic button down for layering, it was a great find and is 40% off now! I’m wearing a small.

Hope all my American readers have a fantastic Turkey Day! I’m very thankful for all of you who visit my little blog, it truly means a lot!

Blouse – Loft, Vest – TJMaxx (similar), Jeans – COH, Booties – Vince Camuto

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Hope you’ve all had a good week! Mine has been pretty busy, last night I went to the NYC Chi Omega Alumnae holiday party which was a ton of fun, such a great group of ladies. Maybe I will make some new friends after all : )

Can’t believe Christmas is so close, I still have shopping to do! That’s what this weekend is for I think.

Yesterday I went out into the very cold weather to run some errands and decided my trusty faux fur vest would do a good job keeping me warm. As for the pants, my friend, Silvana, recommended I try these. I don’t do a lot of shopping at American Eagle, but I must say these pants are awesome and very budget friendly. They are true to size, mine are a 4, and if you decide to try them make sure you get a size that is very tight to start, they do give a little.

Pants- American Eagle, Blouse – Banana Republic, Vest – Express (similar), Booties – Loft (similar), Bag – Michael Kors (similar)

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042 (482x900)


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a fun weekend planned.

Yesterday I went and had lunch with my cousin, Lisa, and then went to work at Starbucks for a few hours, a more exciting Thursday than usual!

I wanted to wear my winter white corduroys, so planned around that. I tried a few combos before deciding on a light neutral palate. If you are still looking for a great faux fur vest, this same one I’m wearing is back available at Express in a XS and Small. (Mine is a Medium). Or this one in grey is available in Medium. Hmmm.. might need that one myself!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Pants – Ann Taylor, Blouse – Hand me down (similar), Vest – Express, Shoes – Nine West

085 (451x900)


090 (489x900)


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was great, so glad to be back to normal weekend life.

Friday night I caught up with a few girlfriend’s over dinner and drinks. I’m definitely getting in the holiday spirit by breaking out my velvet, fur, and sparkly pieces. I decided to wear my favorite black velvet skinnies with a classic blouse topped with my faux fur vest. My burgundy shoes added a little pop of color. I actually think this would be a great outfit to wear to a casual holiday party as well.

What clothes put you in the mood for the holidays?

The rest of my weekend outfits will be forthcoming this week!

Pants – Gap, Blouse – Ann Taylor, Vest – Express (similar), Shoes – Circa Joan & David (similar)

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Happy Friday everyone! So glad the weekend is upon us. Let’s start this Friday out with a little link love from around the blogosphere.

What you’re Up Against from Free the Animal  – Reading something like this really scares me when it comes to the government taking over healthcare. New views, ideas, and experiences are simply not wanted, we are all about the status quo and proving that what we’ve been doing is right, instead of maybe taking a step back and seeing possible alternatives. Because conventional wisdom has clearly been working so well…

Lessons on Real Food from 100 Years ago – Too bad things aren’t labeled “imitation” anymore. Wouldn’t want people to get the idea that they are eating something fake now would we.

I spend a lot of time reading studies, and weeding out the good from the bad, as well as the observational from the clinical. Biggest thing I have learned is that CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. Unfortunately so many studies in the media with their scary headlines are simply observational studies that don’t prove anything except a possible hypothesis for clincial study. My biggest frustration is often with magazines who tout “a new study finds xyz something scary” and then we aren’t even provided with the study to look into ourselves. I suggest everyone watch this funny and informative video called “Science for Smart People” so that you know the difference and don’t fall victim to blindly believing media headlines and observational data. (and even clinical studies need to be looked at with a critical eye)

I think that’s enough food related stuff for today, let’s get on with the fashion!

Let’s just say it is COLD here in the PNW today. The news told me 27 degrees when I was getting ready to be exact. Perfect day to pull out my warm faux fur vest and suede boots to keep me toasty. The shirt is actually a rasberry pink, it looks a little red in the pictures, but either way, I always love a little color.

This weekend I have some secret birthday festivities planned for the husband – should be fun! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Jeans – Citizens of Humanity, T shirt – GAP, Vest – LOFT, Boots – BCBGeneration via Ross


December’s 1 item, 5 ways series is finally ready! I’ve been having a lot of fun with my faux fur vest this month, a few of these outfits you’ve already seen, but I put together some new ones too, and last night when I was finishing this up the lighting allowed me to take pics with a slightly more festive background.

So here we go!

1. This was the first time you saw the vest on my blog. Layered over a silky blouse with jeans and boots that pick up the soft brown color.

2. An all black base let’s the vest stand out. Thanks to Pink Peonies for the inspiration!

3. I did this outfit awhile back and noted at the time a faux fur vest would be the perfect completer piece so here it is again with the finishing touch!

4. I’m always looking for ways to remix a dress and adding a faux fur vest is a perfect way to change it up. Here I just added to my brown striped sweater dress – I love the monochromatic palate with different textures to provide interest.

5. For some reason I loved the idea of popping a green blouse under this vest. Paired with black pants and deep red tassle shoes, I find this to be very festive.

And just for fun, here is a 6th, an idea that I mentioned Sarah from the Daily Sophisticate gave me on Friday when I wore my royal blue turtleneck.

So there you have it, a faux fur vest, not 5 ways, but 6! Do you have a favorite? How are you wearing your faux fur vest this season?

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect vest, you might check these out.

Loft, Jessica Simpson, Ralph Lauren , CeCe, Loft (clearance), Calvin Klein, Express (mine), Loft

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? I’m a firm believer in this. That’s why when I saw this outfit over at Pink Peonies I knew I would be flat out copying it right down to the pearls. Now if only I could magically have her outdoor setting, photographer, and gorgeous hair… but alas we just have my little self timer camera and the Crate and Barrell wall art.

You last saw my faux fur vest worn here, and I’m so glad I decided that this little beauty would be ok for the office because I am having a lot of fun with it. This pencil skirt isn’t worn that often, as the Seattle weather makes me more of a pants person, but I am so glad it has hung in there with me over the years. I picked this up on clearance pre-weight loss and then had it taken into fit because it is just such a good, classic item but has some fun pleating in the back that you can sort of see in 2nd pic.

For hair today, I finally figured out how to curl my hair with a straigtening iron and it was soooo easy and much faster than the curling iron! I can’t believe how long this has taken me. The key was seeing this video on The Small Thing blog. This girls has tons of amazing hair videos. I had always tried using the straightening iron like a curling iron, and that was wrong, wrong, wrong! All you have to do is twist is slightly and move down to the bottom of piece and, like magic, you have the perfect curl. I didn’t even have to do mine in layers like she does, just one piece of hair all the way around and you see today’s results.

So glad it is Friday, I have a fun night of watching movies and eating homemade butternut squash soup planned with my Cousin Lisa (I capitalize Cousin because everyone literally calls her “Cousin” or “Cousin Lisa”). Saturday I am meeting up with the Seattlites from You Look Fab (so excited about that!) and then getting my hair highlighted – yipee! Saturday night it is holiday party time (still need to figure out what I am wearing but will try and actually take some pics) then Sunday lots and lots of errands followed by our condo building holiday party – this time of year is busy!

Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend! Any exciting parties to go to?

(ps. Was checking out The Limited website for “similar” links and they have a lot of really cute skirts at 40% off if anyone is in the market!)

Skirt- Limited (similar), Vest – Express, Tshirt – Ann Taylor (similar), Shoes – Payless, Pearls – Premier Designs

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first giveaway! Congratulations to Jill Wittwer who has won!  Her favorite store is Nordstrom – one of my favorites as well  : ) Jill, please email me your address to and I will get your gift card sent out, you will have to let us know what you get!

Today’s outfit consists of a new blouse I picked up at Black Friday from Ann Taylor, I was looking for a great layering piece and I’m loving this one. It is silk with a little spandex and I love the cream color. I was hesitant at first to wear my faux fur vest to work (thanks to my friend Amanda for helping me pick it out!). I work at a tech company here in Seattle where most people’s uniform consists of jeans or shorts, a  t-shirt, and tennis shoes. They are probably all wondering what the furry thing I’m wearing around is, but I decided to just go for it!

Tonight I start Crossfit on ramp, which is a course 2 days a week for 3 weeks, that teaches you the fundamentals of Crossfit so you can safely participate in classes. I was doing their bootcamp, but the next session doesn’t start until January so I decided I might as well jump in feet first – wish me luck! : )

In exciting blog news, I’ve decided to do a new series called 1 item, 5 ways. I’m hoping to do this at least once a month and will pick one item that I will then create 5 different outfits around. I think it will be fun and stretch my creativity! Hoping to get one done this weekend or next so stay tuned.

Are you wearing any faux fur items this winter?

Jeans – Citizen’s, Vest – Express, Blouse – Ann Taylor, Boots – Halogen

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