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Well, the USDA has once again set out their nutritional standards for public school lunches and they still have mimimum calorie requirements, and set limits on fat, but sugar? Nope. Despite mounting evidence that it is sugar and high carb foods, not fat, that are causing many health issues–not-fat–are-the-biggest-problem-with, it is still ok to continue to serve sugar laden milk (of course, fat free because that’s better) and have calorie requirements that are difficult to meet without having to add sugar, once you have to get rid of the fat. Now companies are trying to follow these guidelines and make food taste decent, by guess what? Adding sugar.;drawer-container . Funny, since fat is actually an essential nutrient for survival, while carbohydrates, and obviously sugar, are not – Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the end it is a parent’s job to be aware and in control of their children’s diet, but it certainly doesn’t help when the government isn’t giving any better guidelines to adults, and they are providing this processed, high sugar food that fits their “standards”. I don’t think I have all the answers here, I know that better food often equals more money, but I feel it is worth calling attention to. Here is info on one woman, Ann Cooper, who is making things better, perhaps some place to start?

And in case you haven’t read enough, an interesting article on a “Sugar Free” School –

I will be honest, this lifestyle does require a little more planning ahead and perhaps a little more effort than pulling out a bowl of cereal and a gallon of milk. But the reward of feeling great, looking great, and not eating a bunch of processed junk is worth it. However, we live busy lives! I am often running late in the morning and lucky to barely make it to work much less make breakfast and lunch. So I plan accordingly to make sure I have options that are quick and easy so I stay on track.


1. 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 microwaveable sausages, and a cup of coffee with heavy cream – You can buy already hard boiled and peeled hard boiled eggs at Trader Joe’s or just make your own on the weekend to last you for the week

2. Make a frittata on Sunday and cut up into individual servings, put in baggies and refrigerate. Just pull out as needed. I will be honest, eggs are not as good when they are not freshly made, but this works if you are always out of time

3. Save some of your steak or hamburger patties from dinner and add to a couple of eggs

4. If you have more time, save some veggies from the night before to add to an omelet along with Italian sausage, yum!

5. Make bacon on Sunday for the week. Just place bacon on a  pan and put in oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or until desired degree of doneness. Then refrigerate and pull out to reheat for a minute when you want it. Great for adding to salads for lunches as well.

6. Think outside the box – you don’t always have to have eggs, last night’s dinner leftovers work as well!


I like to always make my lunch the night ahead – I do go out sometimes, but I like being able to control what goes into my food.

1. Taco salad – on Sunday night make a pound of hamburger along with taco seasonings and refrigerate, pack a container with just enough for lunch on Monday. Then make a salad with whatever veggies you like and a little cheese. I also bring along a little container with a guacamole and salsa mix. I keep salad dressings at work (make sure they are low carb) to add to my salads at work. This meat should make you a salad for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

2. Cook veggies for the next day when you are making dinner, and then cook up a few hamburger patties to take along with them for the week

3. Leftovers, plain and simple – when you are cooking just make more to take for lunches! You can always freeze for the next week or so too, so you dont’ get tired of anything.

4. Cut up veggies on the weekend so you can make a quick and easy big salad the night before work – I also keep canned tuna and pre-cooked chicken on hand to take along to add to it. And your dressings should have natural fats! Just use ones that have natural ingredients not a bunch of junk, or use olive oil with a little vinegar or lemon juice.

5. Make up a stir fry for the week for lunches, just take your favorite meat, add veggies, along with your favorite low sugar sauce and divide into lunch containers

We have been told for so long that fat and saturated fat is evil- this is just not true!! Your body needs it and knows what to do with it! I am enjoying butter and bacon again so much, once I did the research for myself, and you know what, I am a whole lot more satisfied after a meal! The key is to stick to fats that are natural, not chemically produced. So don’t fear the fat, unless it is in a batch of brownies or things cooked in vegetable or canola oil… Below are some articles you might want to check out for more info.

And for anyone wondering how this could possibly be better than a vegetarian (more specifically vegan) diet then check this article out regarding vegetarian myths:

If you are eating whole grains (or any grains for that matter on a regular basis), do you know why? Is it because they are touted as healthy or the government guidelines say you need them? Well, you don’t. There is nothing in whole grains that you can’t get nutritionally in meat and vegetables. If you think it is fiber you need, there are much better sources. Broccoli, among other things has plenty of fiber. See below for some good articles on why exactly you don’t need “whole grains”. I’m assuming you already know you don’t need sugar and white flour to be healthy…

Not specific to Whole Grains, but interesting to see who is promoting your low fat, whole grain diet!

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