I had every intention of posting more, I did. I have been putting some outfits on my Facebook page and Instagram still so be sure to follow me there. But honestly life has been tough lately. Having to completely change what I thought life was going to look like hasn’t been easy. At first I felt a sense of freedom, having finally made a hard decision, and there is definitely a freedom that comes from doing whatever you want, whenever you want again. But then the sadness, loneliness, and fear sets in. It is scary, I’m not going to lie. I can’t help but wonder if I will ever find someone to love me again, and dating here isn’t easy. Just ask all my fabulous and beautiful single girlfriends. But you get through each day and hope that each one is easier than the next. I’m very lucky to have lots of wonderful and supportive girlfriends here and around the country, some of them having been in my shoes and come out the other end better than before. My cousin went through a very similar situation to mine and is on the other end of Facebook messenger for me almost daily, reminding me it won’t feel this bad forever. She encouraged me to maybe even blog about it, so here I am : )

I felt before I sort of glossed over things, just wanting to move forward, but of course it is never that easy. And I share my life here so felt it was time to open up a bit more. Maybe some of you have been through or are going through similar situations.

I’ve dipped my toe back in the dating pool a bit and so far I’ve found one guy I really liked who sent me a very lame text ending things after we discovered he was deathly allergic to my cat. Awesome. Like throat closing up allergic. It was crushing to feel that hopeful and see it all end with a text. I’ve also been “catfished” – pretty sure the pictures he used were at least 10 years old. Most have been fine but no sparks. I have made friends through one date with another divorcee though, reminded me it can be nice to have male friends that aren’t just your husband’s friends. And so it goes…

Going into the holidays single for the first time in 8 years is daunting. I have my sorority holiday party tonight that one of my gay besties is attending with me, god bless him. But then I have to hit the work party solo when most people are coupled up and it feels less than awesome.

So that’s where I’m at right now! I’m really hoping once the holidays pass my spirits will lift and I will find the motivation I need to get back at it. Or who knows, maybe the holiday spirit will catch on sooner than later, or at least the sales : )

On a positive note I’m still loving my new place, and Coco is very happy and settled in. Work is going really well and I’m happy to have a place to go each day with awesome co-workers.

I really appreciate you all for following along with my sporadic posting, and your supportive comments mean a lot.

xoxo, Amy


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Dating in the city must be like finding a needle in a haystack! Good things will happen, and everyone is right – it won’t always feel this way. There’ll be good days and bad days, and the holidays will make being single feel worse than it is (but on the other hand, being in a relationship that brings you down, and being stuck with that person during the holidays, forced to pretend around family and friends stinks too, right?). By spring you’ll have a whole new outlook, just hang in there 😉 Hugs.

Ashley Nordell

I love you, Amy! You are one of the most intelligent, vivacious and kind-hearted people I know! Hang in there! You will find someone amazing 🙂


Love you friend and am so proud of you for posting this. Life is damn hard but going through the shit makes us stronger than ever when we come out the other side. I’m always here if you need me!


God must have a greater plan for you Amy! Wishing you the best. Never lose hope! Things will turn out for the best 🙂 Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post.


Amy, I am sending you hugs! I really appreciate your honesty here and I promise it will get easier. I went through a bad break up a few years ago after a long-term relationship, and it was really hard for a long time, I’m not going to lie. However, it taught me a lot about myself and really allowed me to focus on what I wanted, which I realized I had not been doing. It’s really true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and I know you will come out of this stronger and more assured of what you want – out of life and a relationship.

Hang in there! If you ever need another single gal to hang with, let me know. I love NY and you always have a friend in DC. 🙂


Love you lady! Thanks for sharing this! I think you shared what most single people feel at the holidays especially as you get older it seemed to get worse by the moment. You are a beautiful,talented, amazing lady and I know will eventually meet someone who sees all of that even on your worst of days. You will come out on top I know it!

Hugs my beautiful friend!

Missy Coulson

Blessings to you Amy You are such a beautiful young lady, any guy would be honored to be with you! Dream big!