Romper Night Out

My friends and I like to pretend we are still college sorority girls and have a lot of ridiculous theme parties. Who cares that we are mostly over 30 right? So Saturday night we had a “Romper Night Out”. What does this entail? Going out on the town in rompers. Silly, but fun. Sorry for the less than stellar picture quality – iPhones don’t take great pictures in low lighting!

Here I am with my Cousin Lisa in our matching Loft rompers – we both have them in the black and print. A little hard to get in and out of, but worth it : )

photo2 (548x900)

 And our whole romper group

944530_10102805509638013_392903251_n (900x506)

We then of course had to show off all the things you can do in a romper you can’t do in a dress…

1013527_10100144824492533_2094376641_n (900x673)

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Hi just thought you should know that there’s a pic of you on ebay. look up item # 171025762444.