Sunny Seattle Sunday

We ended up having a gorgeous day in Seattle on Sunday, and the streak has fortunately continued. Our average temp this time of year is about 68 degrees, so we are very grateful to be getting above 70 now.

My husband took me out for a “Terrific Lady Day” which if you watch “The League” you will know what that means. If not, you are missing out, find it on Netflix! Basically we did whatever I wanted for the day without any complaining from him : ) Normally this would include shopping, but it was too nice out for that so we started the day off with brunch at an awesome French bistro in Pike Place Market, then strolled around the market and picked up some fresh veggies for the week.

I wore a casual maxi dress and topped with my much loved denim jacket to keep the chill out.

Dress – Old Navy, Jacket – Old Navy

WP_20130602_010 (506x900)

WP_20130602_012 (506x900)


Then we hit a cafe for a cappuccino and some relaxing…

WP_20130602_016 (506x900)


And following a quick wardrobe change met some of my girlfriends to enjoy a patio happy hour for the afternoon sunshine. Just my hubby and the girls… he had a blast : )

WP_20130602_033 (900x506)

Hope you are all getting nice weather wherever you are too!

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I hope you really appreciate what a great hubby you have! Love you both!!!!!!

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