Jenn’s 31st

Today would have been my best friend Jenn’s 31st birthday so just want to take a little time to remember her and the silly, smart, and lovable person she was. It is funny how time changes a loss. I can truly say that while I will always miss her more than words can say, I now think of Jenn with more happiness of the times we had together than the sadness of her being gone, and I think that is how she would want it. I certainly hope that anyone else who has lost a loved one finds the same kind of peace.

Happy Birthday Jenn! You are missed every single day, and remembered with lots of love and smiles.

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I’m glad you’re at the point where there are more smiles and tears. Definitely still painful and the two of you had a friendship that make me smile! <3


    Thanks Katie! Your nice words are always appreciated.

Julie Simonds

I agree Amy – time has changed how I feel too. That’s a cute picture – was that on her 25th birthday?


I am so sorry for your loss. But I am really glad you can look back fondly with a soft full heart.

Missy Coulson

I love what you wrote about remembering Jenn with smiles…. she was precious and that is how I like to remember her as well…. nicely put Amy….