Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Hope you get to spend some time with loved ones, whether a significant other, family, or friends. Michael and I were going to go out to dinner tonight, but as we are leaving for Playa Del Carmen tomorrow, we decided to stay in for dinner and finish getting packed up instead. Don’t want to be stressing about what I am forgetting while out somewhere nice, I hate packing…

I went to run errands this morning so threw this outfit together. Red jeans seemed appropriate for the holiday, and this sweatshirt is so comfy. My hair is less than fabulous today, but I was headed to Crossfit a few hours later so didn’t bother doing much. At least I put on make-up!

Jeans – Ebay (similar), Sweatshirt – Current Affair (similar), Shoes – Payless, Jewelry – Premier Designs

022 (476x900)

016 (435x900)

I will have one more scheduled post for Saturday, but other than that I’m off to Mexico for a week! My stylish friend Reina will be doing some guest blogging again while I am gone, and I’m sure will entertain you with some fabulous outfits. : )

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Piper Gibson

I love your hair up! It shows your pretty face!


I agree with Piper ….and your skin is glowing!


Happy valentine’s day! And have fun in mexico!

I found your blog via Marion’s, and I’m in Seattle too! My husband and I try to eat paleo when we can, but we don’t follow it too strictly because I love bread and rice and noodles too much 🙁 Love your style and I’m following along now!


Happy Valentine’s Day! <3
The combo is pretty, love the sweater.


Perfect Valentine’s Day outfit! I LOVE the red and gray together!


gorgeous, love the pop of red with the dots!
Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins