I’m Back!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

I made it back safe and sound from Ecuador – whew, what a trip! Truthfully, it wasn’t my favorite trip ever, I prefer vacations with a little more glamour and a little less hiking, but we had a wonderful time with the friend’s we went with and the wedding we attended in Cuenca was beautiful! More to come once I get pictures sorted through – we took a lot.

I’m so happy to be home, back with my kitties and my whole closet! I managed to pack fairly minimally (for me anyhow), and was so tired of all of my stuff toward the end of the trip.

A big thank you to Reina and Meredith for their guest blogging – aren’t they fabulous?

I would have blogged over the last few days, but I haven’t dressed for anything other than Crossfit, I’ve been too busy doing laundry and catching up on work. So today I forced myself to get up and go to the 8am Crossfit class so then I could come home and get dressed up! I’m working at Starbucks right now, and then tonight I’m headed to a charity concert with my friend Mollie at the Crocodile Cafe so I wanted something that could go from day to night. Seeing as how I’ve only worn my color blocked Express sweater dress once before, I decided it was definitely time to pull it out and remix.

It is too cold for bare legs now so I added tights and then my black ankle boots. I used to only wear ankle boots with jeans that covered them, thinking my calves were too big to wear with skirts, but as with many style things, I’ve decided to stop being so self critical and just go for it! I topped this with my leather jacket and I’m feeling pretty rockin’ today : )

This sweater dress is seriously so flattering and on sale now for $50. I actually have it in 2 solid colors as well and may have just ordered it from the Express Black Friday sale in zebra print as well… (thanks to my hubby for letting me use his cell phone to obsessively try and order things when we managed to find a decently fast internet connection on the Galapagos Islands – I was having severe Black Friday shopping withdrawals). I often find sweater dresses cling a little too much and show every lump and bump, but for some reason this one seems to hug curves just right and the ruching hides a multitude of flaws. I must also again remind any of you still suffering in uncomfortable tights to try out these from Commando – they don’t have a waistband so no uncomfortable stomach strangulation! Worth every penny…

Dress – Express, Tights – Commando, Boots – Ann Taylor (similar), Necklace – c/o Bon Lemon


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Amy! So glad you’re home safe! LOVE this dress, you look fabulous as always. The colors together are awesome!

Kasi L

Yay, she’s back! Gorgeous dress, what a great turquoise color on you. And a sweater dress that doesn’t cling, wonderful. I find they often cling a lot. Can’t wait to see your trip photos.


Welcome back! I love your dress! It’s so flattering, and you’re right, it’s perfect for day to night!


I am BEYOND excited to see a post from you, girl!! Seriously excited!! Welcome back home! I am IN LOVE with your dress. It’s just beautiful. Hope you’re settling back into your normal routines now that you’re back home and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts now that you’re back!



Glad you’re back, Amy! You look gorgeous! Hope I didn’t wreak too much havoc on your blog while you were gone. 🙂


    Thanks Reina, not at all, you were fab : )