My Favorite Homemade Ranch

I try not to eat much bottled salad dressing, because I try to make as much from scratch as I can to control the ingredients, and as a result almost always end up using some kind of olive oil and vinegar dressing I whip up on my salads. But I miss ranch sometimes! I’ve tried a few different homemade concoctions, but none have been as easy or delicious as this one I finally found. It has dairy, so if you are sensitive or don’t eat dairy, that will be an issue, but I’m ok with it, just go with the highest quality ingredients you can find.

So check it out and whip yourself up a delicious salad.

Here is a picture of my almost daily lunch smothered in delicious homemade ranch : )


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Kimberly Turner Lightfoot

Thanks! I’m a Texas when means I’m a Ranchaholic. Can’t wait to try this recipe!