5 Years

Hey Everyone, back from New York, and while the wedding was fabulous, today will be a bit of a sad post. I promise to return to regular, happier posting tomorrow.

I found out Sunday morning after the wedding that someone who is a big part of my life lost his son in the tragic shooting at the theatre in Denver, and it is just so sad to see a family you care about have to go through something so terrible. My heart goes out to all those affected.

This comes right at the same time I was thinking about what to post for the 5 year anniversary of my best friend Jenn’s passing.

It is yet another reminder of how fragile life can be, and to take advantage everyday to do the things you love, spend time with the people you love, and make sure those people know just how important they are. You never know the last time you might get to give them a hug.

Jenn, there isn’t a day I don’t wish you were still here. I wake up and see your picture on my nightstand, see the crest you stitched above my vanity, see the picture of us dressed as an angel and a devil for Halloween in college, in the frame you made me, but more than anything you are in my heart, my memories, my stories, and will continue to be a part of my life no matter how many years go by.

If you knew Jenn, please feel free to share a memory or thoughts here or on her Facebook page, I know it brings comfort to her family to be reminded how many lives Jenn touched and the happiness and laughter she brought to people.

(Below is a picture of my wedding bouquet with our sorority pins together on it, a little reminder of Jenn there with me all day)

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Love you and thinking of you!

Marionberry Style

Wow. I’m so sorry Amy. First off, living here in Colorado it is impossible to escape the impact from that awful shooting. It defies logic in so many ways…I’ll pray for your friend and their family. What an awful loss.
And thanks for the reminder. Life is so fragile and we never know what today or the next day brings. I’ve lost family members and friends…and didn’t see a single one of them coming.
Big hug from Denver,


Love you Amy! This year has been full of things that have made us all realize how precious (and short) life is. I love how you continue to honor Jenn every day. She was incredibly lucky to have you as a best friend.


Sorry for your loss. You are sweet to honor your friend.