The weekend is sadly coming to an end…it has been such a fun and relaxing one for us! Mostly because it has been so sunny and warm, you can’t help but be happy.

Friday night some friends of ours who couldn’t make my 30th birthday party took me out to an amazing dinner at a restaurant here called Palace Kitchen – delicious food and wonderful company. I wore a jumpsuit I picked up for $40 at the Loft 50% off event last week. I’m honestly not even sure why I tried this on – I mean, where am I wearing a jumpsuit?? But I walked out in it to use the 3 way mirror, and everyone in the dressing room said I had to have it! I’m such a sucker. Funny right after I bought it, Marion did this post on jumpsuits so maybe it was meant to be. Even my hubby liked it, which kind of surprised me! What do you think, would you ever give a jumpsuit a shot?

Jumpsuit – Loft (I took an XS), Shoes – Nine West (on sale, love these!), Necklace & Bracelet – Premier Designs, Bag – Kate Spade (similar, same color)

I’m off to work in the LA area tomorrow morning on a bright and early 8am flight. I will be working on a project there Monday – Friday and then will be spending the weekend with my sorority big sis, Jessica, to go to the Kenny Chesney concert at Angel Stadium. I am so excited! Jessica is the audiologist for Kenny Chesney’s tour manager and he hooks us up with free tickets in the “sandpit” which is the area right in front of the stage and it is amazing – he also got us tickets to see him at Qwest here in Seattle a few years back.

I fly home late Sunday night, and then Tuesday night Michael and I are on a red eye to NY for his sister’s wedding. Needless to say, the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy for me, but I will get a post in here and there when I can. If anyone wants to do a guest post for me though, just let me know!

Have a fabulous week!

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I love the handbag…I was eyeing that one on Kate Spade’s website. Instead I got another style but in the same color. It is one of the few ways I can wear orange.


    I’m sure you will have lots of fun with this color bag too! thanks!


This is really cute on you! It looks like it would be comfortable, too.


So fun! A neutral jumpsuit – which you wear well – with the bright orange, quilted bag. This may be a good airplane outfit, too, as it is comfy AND chic.


I love this jump suit – would never have given it a second look on the website, but it looks fabulous on you.

I’m new to blogging, but would love to do a guest post for you if you’d like! Just let me know 🙂


    Hi Stephanie, sorry I just saw this comment, but would love to have you guest post – just sent you an email. Thanks!


Girl, you are *rocking* that jumpsuit. I love that you take risks and are open to trying new things. That’s what makes fashion so fun!


I gotta say, Amy…I saw that jumpsuit hanging in Loft and I RAN the other way!! However, seeing it on you makes me want to go back and try it on. Stunning! I absolutely LOVE it on you and can’t wait to see how you style it in the future. So cute!


Fun jumpsuit.