Honeymoon Part 1 – Capri, Italy

A year ago from yesterday, Michael and I boarded a plane for my first trip to Europe for an amazing honeymoon in Italy! I did a ton of research choosing a place – did we want to sit in a hut in Tahiti for 2 weeks? See the sights of Paris? Head for Bali? In the end, we chose Italy, and decided to spend a week relaxing in Capri, and then spend the 2nd week doing a little more sightseeing and activities in Florence – it was the perfect combination for us. I wanted to share because it is always good to know of people’s real life experiences when planning a vacation – maybe some of you are planning your honeymoon or second honeymoon! : ) This will be kind of a long post, but I have fashion stuff in here as well!

Our trip got off to a bit of a rocky start with a flight delay. We were scheduled to fly from Seattle to Paris, then from Paris to Naples, where we would land in time to catch a hydrofoil over to the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. Unfortunately our flight to Paris was moved back 2 hours, so we were re-routed to fly from Seattle to Paris, Paris to Rome, then Rome to Naples. Everything was ok until more delays caused us to miss the last hydrofoil to Capri, and you really don’t want to get stuck in Naples. (Naples was kind of gross, when you drive through the streets there are piles of garbage everywhere thanks to a labor issue or something) Ah, the joys of international travel.

Here I am very sleepy in the Paris airport waiting to go to Rome. I wanted to be comfy so went with leggings (F21) and a tunic (buy here) that is actually a bathing suit cover up! I simply wore a tank under it and it is still one of my favorite travel outfits. Plus it does double duty on a trip then.

Well, thanks to missing the hydrofoil, our hotel kindly arranged for a private speedboat to be waiting for us to whisk us to the island – pricey, but we had to weigh that vs. finding a place to stay in Naples for the night after already having traveled for so long, and we went with the boat. Here we are ready to jet across the water, I think Michael looks so handsome in this picture : )

We finally arrived at our hotel, the Casa Morgano, which I recommend with the highest regards. Apart from being beautiful, the service was impeccable and you were made to feel like family. It was very late, and even though food was no longer being served, the chef reopened the kitchen to make us an amazing dinner that was served to us on our balcony. Talk about the royal treatment! We feasted on delicious shrimp and grilled veggies, and enjoyed our first (of many) bottles of wine on the trip.

We woke up the next day to what I can only describe as what has to be one of the most magical places on earth. The sun was shining, the water was a stunning color of blue, and that is really the best word to describe Capri – magical.

Here we are ready to get some breakfast, and hit the pool! Wearing same cover up as above, just in different color.

After some fun in the sun, we decide to venture out and check out the little town. Here is the walkway there from our hotel, lots of amazing shopping!

We headed to the piazza to enjoy some wine…

And I of course had to do some shoe shopping…

Soon it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

For our first night out I wore a new dress that is still one of my favorites, I got it from the Nordstrom juniors section after seeing it on Sarah at the Daily Sophisticate. Check out similar options here and here (loving this print!). These are both the same brand as mine. What I will tell you about Capri, is that it is a very chic beach town during the day, and then turns into a very glamourous night time spot. You will see plenty of women sporting their gorgeous designer heels along the cobblestones!

Here we are on balcony using our handy mini tripod to take pics. Beautiful sunset!

Here is one of the stunning views right off of the Piazza.

We finally made it to dinner, and Capri is known for their amazing seafood.

After dinner we stopped by the famous Hotel Quisisana for some cocktails.

And then time to head home!

The next day we decided it was time to check out the famous beach clubs of Capri. Capri doesn’t really have “beaches” per se, what they do have are rocks that have been chisled down so concrete can be poured to make areas among the rocks for lounging by the ocean.

Here we are on our little slice of heaven in the rocks

And then ready to go for a dip in the Mediterranean.

We enjoyed a dinner in a beautiful outdoor setting that evening, for which I wore an Old Navy maxi dress recommended by Erin at Mom’s Have Style Too.

We had one of many caprese salads – the food there is so fresh and delicious!

I had to make a stop after dinner to say hi to the adorable cat that is basically taken care of by all the shop owners where he lives. Cats are all over Capri and very well socialized. This one was so funny, it would just lie in the middle of the busy walk way waiting for attention! Made me miss my own kitties a little.

Now the days all start to become a little bit of a blur, but one of them we decided to take a little boat out. This did not go well because it was pretty choppy and I immediately became seasick begging Michael to take me back to land – but I got one good shot of the captain before we headed back  : )

After that adventure, I was happy to be on dry land and we enjoyed another beautiful evening out in Capri. I decided if everyone else could wear high heels so could I, and paired a nude pair (Carlos Santana via Ross) with one of my favorite summer dresses, another Victoria’s Secret find. I love sparkles!

Then I had to pose in front of shops I wish I could buy things in…

We then headed up to Anacapri, which is basically further up the mountain from main Capri. We did a little shopping there that involved me buying a pair of sparkly hand made sandals – yay! Wearing another VS beach dress.

Then we caught the chairway they have to the very top of Mount Solaro, it was crazy how high you were!

We finally got to the top of the moutain to see the incredible views.

We headed back down to Anacapri for some lunch and to see a few churches (gotta get some culture in) then it was time for the real fun – an Anacapri beach club! I particularly liked this one thanks to the comfy lounge chairs and pool in the midst of the rocks.

Dinner that night I opted for white pants instead of a dress to change things up, this is actually one of my favorite honeymoon outfits. Pants (similar here) and top (similar here) both Ann Taylor.

At dinner that night I proceeded to fling balsamic vinegar all over Michael’s shirt, and so when they brought soda water over for him to clean it with, they also brought him a bib and told him he needed it, thinking of course he spilled on himself – ha ha.

There were a few other nights that I didn’t get great pictures, but I think that about sums up the highlights! We were so sad to leave, but after the best week ever, it was time to head to Florence. More on that to come another day. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Capri, Michael and I are currently planning a trip back for our 2nd anniversary!

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Vina Broderick

Hi Amy!
Beautiful pictures.
I visited Italy last year also and did a tour of Capri. It was so lovely there.
We took a small boat out to The Blue Grotto- one of my favorite places ever. (It’s a cave that has another underwater cave under it- the light shines up through and makes the water shine an amazing blue color).
I always enjoy your blog !
Thanks 🙂


    Thanks so much Vina! Glad you enjoyed Capri as well.


Loved your pictures. I have been to Italy never Capri. I have put it on my list of places to go. Thank You!

Marionberry Style

Oh my gosh…LOVE these photos Amy! You guys look like you’re having such a wonderful time. Capri has always been on my wish list. So glad that you are sharing these on the blog!
XO – Marion


    Thank so much Marion, definitely add it to your list!


Love these pics!! Go to another wonderful place on the next trip to Europe. We really enjoyed London in May.


I did not mean to be “anonymous”. This is your dad.


Looks like a really fun trip. Italy is on my wish list.


I think one of the more romantic cities to visit is Italy. I personally went there on my honeymoon and my husband and I loved the food and the people there! I would strongly suggest Rome and Florence. Although it can get very touristy, especially in the summer, they are very beautiful places with so much history and culture. To break free from the tourist crowd, I would suggest you to try some home-dining options. We went to dine with one of the local hosts on BonAppetour, and were treated to a fancy meal at their homes on the rooftop! It is very simple to book a dinner with the hosts on their website too! Other than that, I would also suggest you to try taking one of those Vespa tours, especially in the Florence country-side. Riding on the vespa with your partner across the green landscape is actually very thrilling and romantic! Hope this helped!