Amazingly Easy Updo

Unfortunately I was not born with gorgeous wash and go hair. I mean, those of you with naturally curly hair who straighten it daily (I’m somewhat obsessed with curly hair, the grass is always greener right?) might think I was, but my hair is stick straight and just sort of hangs there with no heat styling – my curling iron has been my best friend since I was about 7 years old. Even ponytails are sort of unattractive without a decent amount of effort. My hair also does not recurl well when not freshly washed and dried, so having a good hair day on a no wash day is not an easy feat either.  

Alright enough whining, the good news is I’ve officially found my new, super easy, no washing required hairstyle, thanks to Pinterest. When I saw this picture with a caption saying it could be done in 3 minutes, I was thinking “sure it can” sarcastically in my head.  I assure you, as long as you have shoulderish length or longer hair, that is the truth. Just click here for the video with instructions! Only bobby pins are required. Why didn’t I think of this myself?!

Note: I washed my hair yesterday afternoon, but didn’t wash today and simply used my curling iron to curl the ends under in large chunks (only takes a minute) to help all the ends tuck into the twist more easily. 

Here are my results (sorry for the less than great iPhone mirror pics). If you give this a try, let me know how it turns out!

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Looks so awesome! Thank you for trying this out and posting pictures!!


Very cute!


I feel your pain – we have the same hair. I have lots and lots and lots of stick straight, flat, non-bouncy hair. That’s why I finally cut it off and have a zillion layers in it.

This looks really cute on you. If I ever go back to longer hair, I will definitely try more up-do’s with day-old hair.


    Yeah, I used to have it shorter with lots of layers too. I’m loving your hair these days though!


I love that hairstyle, it’s so elegant and wonderful, especially for summer. I also love it with the scarf! Thanks so much for joining Adrienne and me for our travel outfit post. I really liked what you were wearing and you are so pretty! I hope you join us for the next roundup, red, white and blue on July 3. XO, Jill


Michael will hate me for sending you to Target:) but, go get some spin pins. They are in the hair section and they blow bobby pins out of the water. I watched the videos and tried it, it took about 30 seconds with the spin pins. My hair is a little short for it but I like it!


    Thanks for the tips! Will have to pick those up 🙂