Mellow (or not so much) Yellow

Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Mine was spent in San Diego enjoying the beach, the pool, and lots of good friends, more on that to come tomorrow.

I honestly didn’t even go anywhere today, I wore this to my terrace for pictures and back just so I could participate in Marionberry Style’s Trend of the Month link up tomorrow.  I’ve been going to Crossfit at noon some days now that my schedule is flexible, which means by the time I come home and have made myself a little lunch it is 2pm and I’m lucky if the bed is made, much less dressed in anything other than my gym clothes. But Marion is one of my favorite bloggers, and May’s trend of the month is yellow, a color I am very fond of, so I showered up and pulled myself together. The good news is now I have an outfit ready to go for the next time I do get out! 

I picked this yellow shirt up for a whopping $4 on sale at H&M, gotta love that! It looks a lot warmer out in the pictures than it actually is so I stuck with jeans, and apparently I was in a colorful mood because after I dug out this scarf I decided I must add all the other colors in it to my outfit which is how we ended with a blue blazer and pink shoes. I considered nude shoes, but figured what the heck, isn’t hot pink more fun?

Are you a fan of wearing yellow?

Be sure to go check out all the other bloggers tomorrow to see how they wear this sunny color!

Jeans – J Brand (love these!), Blazer – F21 (similar), Tank – H&M (similar), Scarf – Hand me down from MIL (similar), Shoes – Enzo Angiolini (similar)

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love this! blue and yellow is such a fabulous combination (and happens to be my college colors, hehe). the shoes are fab, too!


Blue, pink and yellow has always been one of my favorite combinations and you’ve put the colors so well together! Love this look on you!


Yellow and blue are such great colors together, but I can’t wear yellow so I enjoy the pairing from afar.


Your hair is getting so long Amy! Looks very pretty! Yellow is a great color on you, you should try pale yellow eye shadow to show off your tan. I like it during the summer.

Marionberry Style

Aww, thanks for pulling this post together Amy so that you could link-up 🙂 I know how hard it is when your schedule is slammed!
As always, you look gorgeous. Just the right amount of yellow and the hot pink shoes were a GREAT call…just perfect!
Thanks for linking up Amy!!


    Thanks for giving me a reason to get dressed : )


Hi Amy! I’m so excited to find your blog through the Marionberry Style link up! I’m Primal, too! And I’m really excited to find a Primal/ fashion blogger combo! Grok on!



    That’s awesome Molly! Will definitely check out your blog as well. Thanks!