A Weekend in Austin!

So my sorority sister’s and I take a trip every year together and this year we decided to go to Austin, TX! I am seriously so lucky to have such amazing friends, these girls are so much fun and it makes me so happy that we take the time to get together regularly and are still such a big part of each other’s lives. We spent the days lounging by the gorgeous pool and then dancing the nights away at the awesome outdoor bars. The heat and humidity made those of us not acclimated sort of sweaty messes, but we didn’t let that ruin our fun. But one night out not bringing a hair tie and I didn’t make that mistake again. The last night, after closing down the bar, we left to a massive thunderstorm that soaked us through as we ran back to our hotel. We will never forget that experience – wish I had taken a picture!

Here I am at the pool with my friend, April, who lives in Austin and was our fabulous tour guide for the trip. April isn’t a Chi-O (she’s a Pi Phi), but we have adopted her – she’s been one of my best friend’s since we were 9 years old!

First night out…

At dinner our second night out…

We may have then found ourselves on a party bus to transport us to 6th Street…

And our last night out…

I was clearly getting my groove on…

So there’s the recap, with perhaps a little editing : ) If you haven’t been to Austin yet, I highly recommend for a weekend of fun!

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As a fellow sorority girl, I am pleased to have been adopted! It was my pleasure to show you around Austin. And as it has been put on the table for discussion…I can’t even imagine what antics we might get up to if there is an Austin 2013! Love you!


    Love you too! So much fun, thanks for taking such good care of us!


That is awesome that you still get together with your sorority sister even after school has passed. That’s one thing I missed doing in college and wish I had done.