Minty for the big 300!

Well everyone, this is my 300th post! Imagine that…

Today is the debut of my new mint blazer that I picked up at Zara in New York City last month. I mean please, you had me at “knit blazer”. Throw in the fact that I am loving all the mint everywhere this season and I couldn’t resist. It was the only thing I bought too, I was very proud of myself. My husband told me not to buy anything, so he wasn’t as proud, but I gave myself a nice little pat on the back for my self control.

I also don’t think these jeans have made an appearance yet although I’ve been wearing them like crazy. They are my new JBrand “jeggings”. I used to be one of those people who would never spend more than $50 on jeans, and I probably would have balked if you told me people actually spent $180 on denim, but I’ve changed my tune a bit given how I practically live in jeans. My sister in law told me I had to have these, and since I had a gift card from Christmas thanks to the in-laws, I decided to give them a shot. (so maybe I’m still not someone who will spend $180 of their own money on denim?). Anyway, these are 100% worth the money, gift card or not. They are so comfortable, the waist isn’t too low, they don’t stretch out, and I could basically wear them to bed. Call me crazy if you want, but the cost per wear on these is going to be about zero once I’m done with them. I do suggest sizing up unless you have skinny legs for your size. I’m normally a 27 but went with a 28 in these, the 27’s were a little too snug in the thigh area.

Today I’m headed out to run some errands and then going to grill and sit around the fire with my 3 cousins that live here tonight. Probably won’t be wearing this there though, I think a sweater and boots are going to be in order instead.

Have a great Wednesday!

Jeans – JBrand, Blazer – Zara (same blazer in other colors), Blouse – Nordstrom sale last year, Shoes – Payless

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Marionberry Style

Wow!! Congrats on the 300th post Amy! That is amazing…
And I love the mint blazer (definitely a staple piece) and the J.Brand jeans. I always tell my husband that if I were to pay $5 for each time I wear a certain pair of jeans, I am most certainly getting my $$ worth. 🙂
XO- Marion


    Thanks Marion! Yes, some things are definitely worth splurging on.


Love it! I just got a mint blazer at F21, can’t wait to try it!


    Thanks Peggy, yes, I have lots of ideas for this!


Congrats on the big 300! And yet another ensemble in which you look fantastic; the mint blazer is one of those pastel neutrals that you can probably wear with just about everything. I say this often, but honestly this is one of my favorite outfits you’ve pulled together.


    Thanks so much Rebekah – continually improving is never bad : )


Congrats on your 300th post! That’s wonderful! I adore my premium denim. I wear jeans daily so they quickly whittle down to pennies for CPW.