Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine went by much too quickly. I have just a few outfits to share before I head off to whip up some dinner.

I wore this to work last week sometime, I became obsessed with finding a polka dotted skirt but didn’t want to spend a lot on it because I really don’t wear skirts all that much. However, when I found this one one ebay for $12 including shipping, I decided to pull the trigger. I ended up having it hemmed a little because I found the longer length along with the volume didn’t work that well, but now I love it! And yes, tights are still required here…

Skirt – Loft via ebay, Shirt – Old Navy, Necklace – hand me down from friend, Tights – Commando, Shoes – Payless

I am in the middle of doing file audits at work and basically spend the whole day alone in a room going through files. Sounds exciting right? Um, not so much. So today I just wanted to be comfy and cozy. I went with my go to black skinny pants, a black blouse, and then added my flyaway cardi and boots along with some black and gold jewelry to jazz things up a bit. And truth be told I wore this out on Sunday too. So I was also too lazy to come up with a new outfit.

I will try and get some more posts out this week, my creative juices need to be exercised!

Pants – Ann Taylor, Blouse – NY&Co, Sweater – Nordstrom, Boots – Steve Madden, Necklace – JewelMint

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Cute outfits!


I had an idea for a future post or series if you are taking suggestions. After reading your blog, I actually walk into stores and think “how might Amy pair this article of clothing”. This extends to my home wardrobe; many items I have no clue how to incorporate them (so I’m tempted to donate them). What about a weekly or monthly post where a reader gets to send you a pix or URL to an article of clothing and you make a post showing how you might incorporate that into an outfit. Just an idea 🙂


    Love the idea Jana, would you like to be my first?


      Oh! I would love to! BTW, next time you are in SF, I could use some of your style services!


      Well that would be a fun trip! : ) Go ahead and email me a picture of an item or 2 and I will see what ideas I can come up with for you!

Marionberry Style

You found this skirt for $12?! Wow Amy…very impressive! I adore it on you…I am seriously going to be looking for something similiar 🙂
And I’m sorry it’s still tights weather in Seattle. If it makes you feel better, after a week of 80 degree weather in Denver, we woke up to a snow storm this morning. Seriously bi-polar weather 🙂

XO – Marion


    I was wondering how you’ve been wearing shorts so much!! Hope the warm weather returns soon!


I’m with Marion…$12 for that skirt?! I DIE! It’s FANTASTIC! What a find!! Alright, not gonna lie…I TOTALLY thought of you on our flight from JFK to Narita. It was the Champagne. 🙂 Now, whenever I see a glass of champagne, I think of you! Cheers!


    Aw, that’s so sweet! Hope you got to have plenty on your flight!


The skirt is absolutely fantastic. At least we’ve been getting some sunshine lately, but it’s still so cold!! I’m seriously ready for summer ready already.