Peachy and Pink

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday I just needed a day to disconnect so sorry for the lack of post. But I have 2 outfits to share now! Michael is out of town enjoying the sun in Miami right now (lucky) so after a Crossfit workout I took the time to just relax, take a bubble bath, and catch up on GCB, which is a really funny new TV show that he would have no interest in seeing.

Tonight I’m going to see the Hunger Games with friends, I haven’t read the books so I’m not too sure about this! I don’t really want to see teenagers killing each other, but you can drink cocktails at this theatre so I agreed to go. I know, it doesn’t take much.

Sunday night I am super excited for the season premiere of Mad Men, one of my favorite shows! I booked the theatre room in our condo building and am having a few friends over to watch it with me. Anyone else looking forward to another season of Don Draper?

Here is what I wore Wednesday, just a day of work and then happy hour with a couple of friends which was fun. It was a little chilly, but I survived. I love these new navy blue skinny pants I picked up at Ross for $40. They are Michael Kors and retail for $130, so yay for an awesome deal! The fit is great and they have just the right amount of stretch. Ross is full of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein for super cheap. I got this peach sweater at F21 and think it is perfect for Spring. I added my orange and navy printed Target pumps to add a little pattern.

Pants – Michael Kors via Ross, Sweater – F21 (similar), Cami – Target, Shoes – Target

Yesterday was just another day on site for work and I decided to pull out the grey jeans that my friend Amanda passed down to me recently. The grey is a fun option other than regular denim I think! She also gave me this awesome necklace, that is a new favorite. The pink blazer was a last minute addition as I decided I might be chilly with just the blouse.

Jeans – Paige hand me down, Blouse – Old Navy, Blazer – Zara (similar), Necklace – hand me down, Shoes – Target

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Love the peach outfit. Very cute look! BTW, my friend took his 4 boys to see The Hunger Games. They all agreed it would have been much better had they not read the books. So I think you are going into it just right; haven’t ready the books and cocktails to boot! Have fun!


    Thanks Jana! I think it is sort of a catch 22, I bet the movie isn’t as good as the books, but I think I would have understood things more in depth having read them.

Marionberry Style

As always – you look so chic and pulled together! Love your use of color in both of these outfits (those first Target shoes look adorable!)
And LOL at your Hunger Games comment. A few friends invited me to go with them last night and I seriously asked them, “Does the theater serve adult beverages?” 🙂 So how was the movie? Do I need to go?

Happy weekend Amy!!
XO – Marion


    Thanks Marion! I’m not really into violence and basically the whole movie was about people killing each other, but I guess considering that, it wasn’t bad : )

Megan K

Cute outfits! Hope you are enjoying the “new”job and I loved the apartment pics you shared a while back (didn’t get to post on those)….read the books if you can (they don’t take long) – or listen to them on CD/ipod….they are rather well written although when I first heard about them, I was put off by the concept. Hooked after the first of the series!


    Thanks Megan! The movie was ok, but I have a feeling the books would be better so I may have to read them as you suggest!