Hey Everyone! Sorry for my unexplained absence. Things have been a little crazy starting the new job. I ended up having to go to Charlotte for some training, so Monday morning I started my journey there, I arrived at my hotel at 8pm that evening, spent all of Tuesday at work, and then flew back home Tuesday night. It is a long way from Seattle to Charlotte! I got to sleep in this morning, but my body is definitely confused by all this time zone changing!

So anyhow, thank you for bearing with me. I did manage to snap a few pics over the weekend and an outfit today, so I actually have some things to share!

Saturday night we went to a friend’s wedding, which was beautiful and very unique. The bride wore a stunning black lace dress, her colors were black and red. I said if I had known she was wearing black, I wouldn’t have worn it! But indeed I did, I got this black dress a few years ago from WHBM and you can’t see the detail very well, but has ruching over the bodice and then the skirt is 3 tiers of fabric. I decided to accessorize with a black and metallic shoes and gold jewelry. I forced Michael to take a picture with me too : )

Sunday morning we had an amazing brunch with our friend’s Amanda and Brandon at a restaurant in Fremont called Hunger. Then we went back to their place where Amanda had a bunch of clothes she had cleaned out of her closet for me to try on. Love hand me downs, and she is incredibly stylish so I got some great finds, including a pair of grey Paige skinny jeans. You’ll be seeing those soon!

I had seen a paring on Pinterest of a grey sweater with a coral scarf so decided to copy that. I pulled out the coral scarf I got on my honeymoon in Capri, and a grey cardigan and finished it all off with a pair of leopard flats. Too bad it was freezing out and my feet were cold! Oh well.

And finally today I had to go finish signing paperwork for my new job over on the Microsoft campus, so I layered one of my favorite striped Spring sweaters with a blackwatch plaid blazer and then added a statement necklace. I tried a new background here now that Brandon helped me get the camera focusing better on Sunday, but most shots didn’t come out so not sure it works so well with the light behind unfortunately. The city view is certainly prettier than my wall!

Hope you all are having a great week!

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Love your outfits!


You wear coral well; it’s certainly an “in” color this season. There is a coral/peach dress at Nordstrom I have my eye on. I think you’re smart, though, in choosing an accessory with a big punch of color.

Amanda E.

This is a fun post because we get to see 3 different sides of you at once: dressy, casual, and professional! You have a real talent for knowing exactly what’s appropriate and flattering for every occasion. No wonder you are a personal stylist!

Love the downtown view, but you’re right, you want the light source in front of you vs. behind for pics.

Can’t wait for the Paiges to make their debut on your blog! So glad you were able to find so many things that fit you perfectly. I know they are going to a good home. 🙂