Weekend Eats

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Mine involved lots of deliciousness I thought I would share.

Saturday night was spent in with my Cousin Lisa and friend Lorena drinking lots of wine and enjoying my Chicken and Goat Cheese Chile Rellenos. Except my rellenos turned out even better this time thanks to a few things.

1. I have a gas stove now so was able to char the skin off without the peppers cooking prior to stuffing them. Yay!

2. Instead of boiling my chicken, I put 4 chicken breast in the Crockpot in the afternoon, sprinkled them with some sea salt, dumped a jar of Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde on them, and then let them cook for 4 hours. When they were done I shredded and that’s what I stuffed in my rellenos. It made them so good!

3. I made 6 of these instead of 4 and Michael and I had the leftovers for dinner last night : )

I kept the sauce exactly the same. And what is that crazy purple stuff? That would be purple cauliflower rice! The purple tastes just the same as the white, it’s just more colorful.

And it was more Mexican food for brunch the next morning because I had the last of a delicious pot of Beyond Easy Pulled Pork to use up. Just scrambled up some eggs in Kerrygold with a little seasoned salt, and added a dollop of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. So tasty! I’m telling you, make a big roast on a Sunday and you will have deliciousness for any meal, all week.


As for my outfit post, I’m going to have to do those in the evening, at least this week. My friend’s Brandon and Amanda have kindly loaned me their DSLR camera that doesn’t get much use, and I now have a tripod and remote to make use of it for my outfit pictures, but it is a bit large to bring into work with me. So hopefully today’s pics turned out well and I can get that done tonight from home.

In other interesting news, this is my last week with my current company and I am going back to work for my old company! I may be getting dressed to go into an office for a bit in the beginning, but it hopefully won’t be long until I’m working just from my home office. So things are going to be a little crazy starting next Monday while I get settled in and figure out what I am doing so please bear with me if my posting becomes a bit erratic for awhile. Once I’m working from home regularly, I may take a few days a week to stay in my comfy clothes, but am definitely depending on this blog and all you wonderful readers to give me a reason to not be someone who never gets out of their pajamas. I am also hoping, once things settle down, that I might find the time to get outdoor pics, which will be a fun change. So anyway, there may be some growing pains while I transition, but I will do my best!


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Yum your meals always look so good!


That is great news about your new old job. I would need motivation to get out of my yoga pants if I worked from home (she types while wearing yoga pants).

I have never thought about purple cauli-rice. What a great idea!

The chile relleno recipe looks tasty and great idea re: chicken in the crock pot.


    ha ha, yeah, there may be some yoga pant wearing occasionally!


Your meals look fantastic!

As someone who has worked from home since 2007, I find it very important to not wear leisure wear while working at home. You certainly don’t have to curl your hair, wear sparkly shoes, or even wear a suit, but I find my attitude is more “game on” when I get dressed for the day. I always want to be prepared in case an impromptu face-to-face meeting is being called, a Skype call is required, or if I run into a potential client while out at the grocery store. Just my thoughts.


    I think that is great advice, definitely something I am going to aim for!