Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Don’t you just love February being dragged out one more day? Hope some of you are enjoying more pleasant weather than us at least. It is freezing and wet here, not feeling like March is upon us at all! I looked it up and Winter technically doesn’t end until March 19th though, so I will have to get a little more use out of my faux fur and cozy sweaters until then.

Today I just felt like being cozy and casual, so I used this picture of Kendi Everyday as inspiration.

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I liked the idea of a soft, silky blouse with a chunky scarf in the same tone. I had a sparkly grey infiniti scarf I hadn’t worn yet so decided to pair that with a grey blouse along with jeans and boots. (Looking at these pictures the next time I wear grey I will go with a brighter lipstick!)

Jeans – Citizen’s, Blouse – NY&Co, Scarf – Ann Taylor, Boots – Steve Madden Intyce, Earrings – Premier Designs

I’m also very excited to share one of my favorite things about the new place, my very own vanity! My husband, along with the help of his handy friend Eric (or really I should say Eric, along with the occasional assistance of my husband) built this into the corner of our bedroom. I used to sit on the floor in front of a mirror to do my make-up and now I actually have a nice little bench to sit on. I think this is a great idea if you have an indented space in a room and are not sure what to do with it. The needle point hung above it was done by my best friend Jenn, and is of our sorority crest, a nice little reminder of her each day. And I want to also share my favorite new beauty tip, coconut oil! I’ve been using it in place of moisturizer/under eye cream for the last week and I love it! My skin is so soft and it is completely natural. It is also a lot cheaper than most moisturizers out there these days…

Tomorrow I will be dressed up because I have to go to court for a red light camera ticket – so annoyed!!

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Would love to hear how much coconut oil you are using as a moisturizer. I recently started to take this oil as part of a plan to give up sugar and love the taste of it straight off the spoon. It really helps with cravings. I love your blog. I live in Australia and follow a great blog by Sara Wilson who is a great proponent of a sugar free life.


    I probably use a few teaspoons, just get a small chunk on my finger, rub it in and then get more as needed. I cook with it a lot too! Obviously from a different jar : ) Thanks so much for the tip on Sara Wilson, I love her blog and will add to my blog roll!


My friend gave me an infinity scarf in a taupe-y color and I have no idea how to wear it. Thank you for giving me something to work off of. That is a great way to wear it.

You little vanity area is so darling! Lucky you. I have to lean into a bathroom mirror to do my makeup. At least I have an adjustable wall-mounted mirror, but would really love to have a place to sit. I would probably use my hard-to-apply cake eyeliner more often if I could be more comfortable.


    Glad you like the idea! Yes, eyeliner is definitely hard leaning over the sink. I have spent my whole life either sitting on the counter or the floor to be close enough to the mirror, it is definitely nice to have somewhere to sit finally!


Ahhhh….the dreaded red light camera ticket. I received one of those, too…last year. They caught me “red” handed. Schmucks! Good luck, girl!


    ha ha, your comments make me laugh. Thanks!


I love coconut oil! It’s such a wonder product! I’m totally jealous of your vanity area.


    Totally agree, can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out! (for beauty anyway)


Coconut oil is the best moisturizer 🙂 Always have a jar in the bathroom and another in the kitchen.


such a cute outfit! i love how those steve madden boots look better aged 🙂