Classic Trousers, Mahi Mahi and a ModKat Review

I’ve really been all about skinny pants for awhile now, I feel like they give a more modern look without much effort, but sometimes I just feel like wearing a good classic trouser. That was this morning. Plus I’ve been thinking that if I’m never going to wear any of my pants with a more classic silouhette then I probably need to get rid of them. So I pulled out this pair I picked up at Express over a year ago, I really like the tweedy pattern and faux leather detailing and decided to pair simply with a knit top tucked in. The looser pant silouhette makes me want to keep things trim on the top to balance it out. I tried on a few different shoes, thinking I would go with something colorful, but in the end decided I liked the way a classic pointy toe pump added a touch of femininity.

Should I pull these out more often or stick to skinnies?

Pants – Express (similar), Top – Old Navy (similar), Shoes – Nine West, Necklace- c/0 Bon Lemon

Last night we had a delicious dinner, Gingered Carrots with Mahi Mahi from Everyday Paleo. I used shredded carrots I had on hand so saved a step there, as well as using powdered ginger, and served along with proscuitto wrapped asparagus. If you are looking for a good fish recipe, give this one a try!

And finally, for those of you kitty parents, I wanted to share with you the best kitty product in the world! It is called a ModKat litterbox and I wish we had bought one years ago. I came across it on Pinterest actually, and despite the price Michael and I decided to give it a shot because the litter box lives in the guest bathroom and we didn’t want our guests having to deal with litter underfoot or to look at an ugly box. So we placed the order, a little doubtful if this would really work, but I can tell you, it does!! Our 3 cats share it (Michael cleans it everyday), they had no problem adapting to using it, and it has reduced litter tracking by at least 95%. The design also makes it less obtrusive and seem smaller than a regular box, and it actually looks attractive. It will make you love your cat(s) even more!

Here is ours in our guest bathroom

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I think you pull these pants off very nicely. They are very slenderizing. The only thing I miss is a pop of color (since you pull that off beautifully, which most of us cannot). Great job 🙂


    Thanks Jana, I don’t know exactly why I reached for the black today, I will have to add back in some color tomorrow for sure!


I love the classic trousers! I vote to keep them in the rotation. I also love a pointy shoe with a wide leg pant. Great look!


Classic NEVER goes out of style. I say keep them around. They look fantastic on you AND it’s an additional option/style idea for those that can’t pull of the “skinny” pant look.
Also, am I TOTALLY off base to say that your faux snakeskin pumps would be AWESOME with this outfit? Probably I am.
LOVE your pink handbag, too.


    Thanks for the advice and I like the snakeskin pump idea!


Really liking this spot you found to take your outfit photos, lighting is working out well!


I love those pants on you! Great fit, and a great shape for you! The leather detail is great.

I also loved the pop of color in your bag/scarf combo, together with the black and grey it is really classy 🙂


A big yes to pulling these out more often. These look great and i like the pointy toe shoe with it. Very femnine look!!