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Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday night my cousin and I took the Amtrak train down to Tacoma for a friend’s going away party. Tacoma is about a 45min-1 hour drive from Seattle and to be honest, I am one of those people who thinks a 20 minute drive to get somewhere is a little far now that I don’t commute anymore. The driving distance is really the only thing that stands between me and daily visits to Target. So when my cousin said we could get to Tacoma on a train with cocktails I was in. They even had adorable little half bottles of wine!

Sunday I did some grocery shopping, watched a little Dexter with the hubby (which then made me scared when I had to go by the storage unit by myself later of course), and did some cooking. (Chicken Francesa recipe to follow)

But of course the most exciting part of the weekend was the couch delivery so I have pictures as promised! (I decided today was the perfect day for a repeat outfit since I had something else to share, so I’m wearing this again)

My inspiration for the decor came from Big and Carrie’s apartment in SATC2. The first time I saw that movie I fell in love with their place. I’m particularly happy with how everything came together in the end because we ordered it all seperately before we had even offically closed on the new place. My biggest thing was finding a navy blue couch, and Michael wasn’t hard to convince when we came across this one at Crate and Barrel available in Ink Blue. One of the next things on my to do list is to find something like that kitchen backsplash to do ours with, I think it is so gorgeous!


And here’s a tour of my version!

Couch – Crate and Barrel, Side Chairs – West Elm, Coffee Table – Crate and Barrel (similar), Area Rug – Overstock, Bar Cabinet – Crate and Barrel, Side Table – West Elm, Chandelier – West Elm, Dining Room Table – Spacify (similar), Dining Room Chairs – Overstock, Accent Pillows – West Elm herehere, and here 

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I was a huge fan of Carrie and Big’s apartment in SATC 2, too! Your home is lovely; the pictures make me quite wistful of the apartment we rented in downtown Bellevue prior to moving to Austin.


I’m cracking up at your comment about watching Dexter and then being scared about going to your storage unit alone. Ha! I can’t watch that show to SAVE. MY. LIFE. Scares the life out of me!
Your new sofa looks fantastic! Not to mention your ENTIRE place! I have home envy.


    Yeah, I have to close my eyes through half of it! Thanks so much! : )


Wow – I love your new furniture and all your decorations! One day you’re coming to Denver to help me do a home and closet makeover!

Tami B

wow – things sure have changed since i was there – a booze train between seattle and tacoma? if that was around when i was there, i may never have left.