Royal, Leopard, and Meatloaf Cupcakes (Yum!)

My cousin Lisa came over for dinner last night and she makes a great guinea pig so I decided to try a new recipe – Meatloaf “Cupcakes” with Sweet & Spicy Butternut Squash “frosting”. They were delicious and surprisingly easy!

Here is the recipe I used for the meatloaf cupcakes. Only things I did differently: used┬ácoconut oil instead of butter for sauteeing my veggies (but some good old Kerrygold just fine too), used a steak seasoning I had on hand instead of Mrs. Dash, and then I just used some plain tomato paste instead of the chili sauce or ketchup she recommends. I also obviously changed the “frosting” part too.

My butternut squash frosting was this recipe with 2 Tbsp. of coconut milk added to make it a little creamier. I then put the butternut squash mash into a ziploc bag, cut off the tip of one end and used it as a pastry bag to top my meatloaf cupcakes.

I served along with sliced zucchini, bell pepper, and cherry tomatoes sauteed in butter seasoned with sea salt, pepper and garlic salt.

So amazing!!

I’m really starting to think that my style motto should be “Leopard makes everything better”. I figured I needed to get some more use out of this tutleneck before Winter ends (although let’s be realistic, in Seattle that is probably May) so I decided to simply pair with my black ponte pants, but then add my leopard print shoes for an extra pop. I was also contacted by Amy at Bon Lemon about possibly trying out some of their jewelry. She sent me a package full of some great stuff that I can’t wait to feature! Today I am wearing one of the bracelets (close up below) that is available for just $24. I really like the charcoal color and the sparkly detailing.

Pants – Ann Taylor, Sweater – Ann Taylor, Shoes – Max Studio via DSW (similar), Necklace – Premiere Designs, Bracelet – c/o Bon Lemon

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Amy Evans

Great choice!


Yum I need you to make dinner for me!


Michelle stole the words RIGHT OUT of my mouth!!! You make the MOST DELICIOUS dinners! Your husband is one lucky guy!!! You’re so right…leopard DOES make everything better! Stunning…as always.


I made mini bacon meatloaf cupcakes last month! Anything mini and tiny makes it ten times more adorable lol ­čÖé