Caped Up

Hope you all had a good President’s Day whether or not you had to work. I had a wonderful day sleeping in, finishing the season finale of Downton Abbey (so good!), followed by hitting the stores, and finished up with a 90 minute massage that was to die for! Not to get all negative now, but I must say I was a little disappointed with what was available in the stores during my shopping trip. Nothing at Ann Taylor I had to have, and also nothing great at Nordstrom (that I could afford anyway). And what is up with the Loft right now? I hope one of their employees might read this and let me know why they seem to be designing clothes for roly poly’s now. I mean what is their obsession with shirts with a banded bottom? Are we going  for the poofy middle section look now? And why are are the non banded bottom shirts so short and square?  (If you do happen to look good in these things then you are one of the few I think and can perhaps wear just about anything) I did pick up a few things at H&M, but not much luck overall – I guess they are helping me save money! Hoping for better Spring/Summer selection in the coming months…

You all might remember this cape that I gushed over back in November and haven’t seen again since. Well the truth is I have actually worn it quite a bit, it has become my favorite Winter travel item, perfect for snuggling up on the airplane, I just haven’t captured any of these trips. It is also hard to put a coat over due to the shape so isn’t the best for cold winter days when I have to get to and from the bus or be running around outdoors on the weekends. But despite today being “soggy” according to our weather reporter, it is also supposed to hit 54 degrees so I figured that is about as warm as it is going to get for awhile and determined today I could brave the outdoors sans coat, in my cape. Just like Superman.

Pants- Ann Taylor, Cape – Halogen, Boots – Halogen, T-shirt – Ann Taylor

Oh, and we also had the best dinner last night, I made a delicious grass fed pot roast and served it over mashed cauliflower.

Pot roast was a bag of frozen pearl onions, small bag of baby carrots, and about 5 stalks of chopped celery in the bottom of the pot seasoned with sea salt, pepper, onion powder and a few fresh thyme and rosemary springs. Seasoned pot roast liberally with sea salt and pepper on all sides, then put on top of veggies with some crushed garlic spread on top, along with a sprinkling of dried minced onion, onion powder and about a tsp. of cinnamon. Poured in about a cup of beef broth and a quarter cup of red wine. Cooked in Crockpot on low for 9 hours.

Mashed cauliflower was a head of cauliflower with about a 1/4 cup of heavy cream and 1 tbsp. butter microwaved for 8 minutes, then put into the food processor with a little extra cream for desired consistency as well as a tsp. of crushed garlic. Season to tasted with sea salt and pepper.

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Mmmm, pot roast and mashed cauliflower is on my weekend menu. I like that you are adding crushed garlic at the end.

Love your boots!!! You’re employing a little Downton with the cape and leggings (like riding trousers). What are we going to watch now that Downton is over? I hope they start a new season of Poirot soon. 🙂


That does look tasty! And your cape looks cute and cozy for a soggy sort of day! 🙂

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