Office Trend Challenge: Colorblocking! And other fun things…

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend.

My weekend was fabulous, because one of my best friend’s got engaged to a wonderful guy! We ended up having a few friend’s over for some drinks on Saturday night before going out and she and her now fiancee showed up after a “secret date”, and 2 steps in the door she held up her left hand with a STUNNING ring on it!! I may have started jumping up and down and having heart palpitations from the excitement… Congratulations to the happy couple, no one deserves it more.

Of course there was champagne all around – the new bride to be, Kenzie, is in the printed top and I made sure she held that ring up for the picture : ) It was also great to have our friend, Elizabeth, in town to visit.

Other fun things that happened were Michael making me a delicious chorizo & sweet potato scramble on Sunday morning that he insisted I take a picture of for the blog – he was proud of his brunch skills

I also took some pictures of our new closet and my under the bathroom sink organization to share with you all.

In case you are wondering, we took our closet measurements to Storables and had them design a custom closet for us. If you are looking for a good new closet system, we highly recommend. They don’t do installation but my husband and his handy friend Eric installed ours in a day.

Here is my side of the closet. I can see all of my clothes now! I still have a box of summer clothes in storage, but I think even once I pull that out everything will fit. I keep clutches and purses up top, and items not used that often in bins overhead. I organize my shirts by color and sleeve length (although they are a little out of sorts right now), and then blazers and vests live together on the bottom rack. Dresses have a nice long hang space, but are currently disorganized. My underwear, socks, etc. are in the 2 drawers and all of my sweaters folded in the cabinets. Boots are down on the floor below my shelves of jeans.

Here is Michael’s side of the closet in case you are wondering… that is all he gets, I took all the other walls for myself : )

Next we have shoe racks and a shelf for my scarves, along with my belts that are hung on what are actually key/mail holders (thanks to my Mom for that brilliant idea!)

More shoes are kept on an over the door hanger, and all my Spring/Summer shoes are still under the bed. A girl can never have too many shoes! My jewelry hangs on the wall above the laundry basket – I love this jewelry organizer.

I got some fabulous under the sink ideas from Pinterest that I decided to implement. First off was simple folder holders that I hung on each cabinet using those sticky tab things – one for my hair dryer, the other for curling/flat irons. I also got some magnetic tape that I put across the top of the inside of the cabinet to store bobby pins within easy reach – how cool is that?!

And finally for today’s outfit, the gorgeous Marion over at Marionberry Style is having a challenge this week that will be posted on Wednesday, but I am planning on participating in Bloggers do it Better: Red tomorrow so I had to get this done today. What is the challenge? Colorblocking for the office! This was a tough one for me as I tend to stay neutral for pants and skirts. It made me realize that I could perhaps branch out a little big there. Since I work in a very casual office I decided to do colorblocking on the top half and stick with jeans on the bottom. I am sort of wishing I had gone for my leopard print shoes now, looking at the pictures I think a little print would have really pulled this together – oh well! I think the pink and royal purple together are fun and a bright and cheery combo is very needed on this grey Seattle day. Thanks for hosting Marion! Be sure to stop by on Wednesday to see how everyone else wears colorblocking to their office.

Would you wear colorblocking to your office?

Jeans – Citizen’s, Blazer – Zara, Blouse – Halogen, Shoes – Paolo, Necklace – H&M


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Congratulations to your friends on their engagement!

You have such a sweet husband to make that lovely breakfast and want to post it on the blog.

I have some major jealousy going on regarding your closet. It’s so roomy and organized! I would love to be able to see all my clothes and shoes at once. We have a long closet with three sliding doors so you can only see 2/3rds of it at a time at most. And shoe storage is a total pain. I have to get on my knees and dig around for them.

You do color blocking well! Love that violet top.
xo, A


    Thanks s much Adrienne! I had a sliding door closet like you for a long time too, it can be frustrating. Do you have shoe racks perhaps? I know those helped in mine a lot.

Marionberry Style

Okay…so where do I start?!
1st – How exciting to learn of your friend’s engagement that way! So wonderful to be able to celebrate right away 🙂
2nd – Your husband is so sweet to make you what looks like an amazing breakfast! But I love how proud of it he was that he felt it was blog-worthy! So cute!
3rd – You have certainly been busy with the new place and organizing your closet! I am seriously impressed (and I so need to get one of those jewelry organizers stat!)
4th – So excited to see your color block style here! This Zara blazer is perfection…!
Okay – sorry for the long comment. You just had so many good things in this post!
XO – Marion


    I love your comments! : ) Thanks so much, loved seeing all the colorblocking in your post today


I agree with Marion above, lots of great stuff in this post.

Congrats to your friend, what a happy surprise! And that breakfast looks so yummy! Can he give my hubby some cooking lessons? 🙂

Great organized closet, I want one! It looks so happy with all the colors and everything so neat. I need to organize mine after seeing this. And I love both of your storage ideas; the folder for the hairdryer and the magnet for the bobby pins is pure genius. I’m going to copy those, thanks!

Now on to this outfit, great color block, I always like red and purple but never thought about pink and purple before, nice idea!


    Ha ha, he is a good brunch maker! Thanks!

Sarah Jensen

Hello, Amy. Thanks for recommending our closet systems! We enjoy seeing the dramatic transformations of our customers’ closets and you seem to be putting yours to really good use! Aren’t the slim line hangers fantastic? You can cram a whole lot of clothes into small spaces.

We’re very impressed with your organizing ideas and solutions 🙂

Feel free to let us know if you have any comments or suggestions now that you’ve had a chance to enjoy your new space. Happy wardrobing!!

Sarah Jensen