Winter White Out

Yay, it is finally Friday! I barely feel like last weekend happened because of the move so am really looking forward to spending some time relaxing. Tonight Michael and I have a date with the Whole Foods hot bar, our couch, and our favorite serial killer (aka Dexter). We now live right above a Whole Foods, and while very convenient, it seems impossible to leave that place without spending at least $50. Too bad it isn’t a Trader Joe’s instead! But getting dinner to go from there is actually not too bad and I love that they post the ingredients in all their prepared food so I know exactly what I am eating. Saturday we have some stuff to do to get our old place ready to sell and then I have a good friend in town who moved away a few years back so am excited to go out with her Saturday night and have a second bedroom to put her up in too!

Today I am trying something new – an all white outfit. This could be dangerous given my lunch date with my friend, Julie, and a rainy day here in the PNW, but I decided to chance it. Let’s hope I don’t come back from lunch all splattered up. I was inspired by this picture of Cameron Diaz I found on Pinterest, although I forgot about her brown accents, so I might try this again with a different sweater or top and a brown belt at the waist. Pinned Image

I love the look of  all winter white and gold together, I think it looks very “rich” for some reason. Perhaps because someone wearing all white should have a town car escorting them around town? I wish… I originally put on black boots but they looked a bit harsh with the white and gold so instead switched to my snakeskin pumps and I liked it much better.

Would you wear an all white outfit?

Pants – WHBM (similar), Sweater – Ann Taylor Outlet (similar), Cami – Loft, Shoes – Target, Necklace – H&M, Earrings & Bracelet – Premier Designs, Watch – Marc Jacobs

And what was my little Lola (aka Lola Bear) doing while I was taking pictures? Just lounging around… Hope you all have a great weekend! : )

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I love it! And I would wear an all white outfit if I didn’t have a 4 year old with the occassional habit of wiping her berry smoothie “mustache” on my leg!

BTW, I recently discovered your blog after receiving a couple of hits originating from here. I am loving your FB album of daily outfits!


    ha ha, I probably wouldn’t wear all white either then. Thanks so much!


I love all white – such a great color for winter. That inspiration photo of Cameron Diaz is beautiful, and your winter interpretation is right on the mark.


    Thanks Rebekah! I’m no Cameron Diaz, but we work with what we have I guess : )

Hines-Sight Blog

Oh, I love your cat. I miss having a cat. I’m kind of jealous of your city life. I think it would be neat to live below a Whole Foods but I totally understand why you would want it to be a Trader Joes. WF is not called “whole paycheck” for nothing.

I like the white outfit.


Oh I love all white! I have a few in my inspiration files! Yours looks fabulous!


Definitely! All white is so luxurious, giving me the same ‘rich’ feeling you describe! Delicate, delicate – and you look gorgeous in it. Actually I have very similar pieces to those you put together here, so you gave me an idea 🙂


I agree, there is something about winter white and camel that looks very “rich” in colder months. I do not have enough whtie items to go all white in the winter, but I do wear all white in the summer. I just make sure my white items are machine washable just in case of a spill. And kitty is too cute!