Happy Hump Day everyone! My Mom will be at my office soon to go have one last lunch before she has to head to the airport. I wish she could pack me in her suitcase so I could go enjoy a little sunny and warm LA weather. Sad to see her go, but she is leaving us with one well organized kitchen!

I’ve been loving the look of skinnies with booties on lots of bloggers and celebrities, but haven’t yet tried it myself. Skinnies tucked into tall boots, yes, but somehow this look is a little more challenging. I decided today was the day to give it a shot. I paired my army green skinnies with my grey booties and a cream blouse, then I played around with different scarves but ended up back at my tried and true leopard print one. What can I say, it makes any outfit look better.

I’ve been playing around with my camera and picture spots but am still getting over exposure. If anyone has any tips on fixing that, please let me know!

What do you think about the skinnies with ankle booties look?

Pants – Hudson vis Nordstrom Rack (similar), Blouse – New York & CoBoots – Nine West (similar), Scarf – Ann Taylor (similar)

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You look gorgeous! Love the outfit.


Absolutely love the scarf. I feel like it might look even better with dark denim skinnies, or maybe black skinnies and black booties?


Love this outfit! And I have also been undecided about the skinnies + ankle boots but you really do pull it off!
And so excited to see photos of the new place – can’t wait! I’m sure it is a relief to start settling in 🙂
XO – Marion


so simple, but so perfect!


Aaaah! Wish I was still there, would love to come over and help you with the camera stuff. What kind of cam are you using? Point & shoot or do you have a DSLR? Happy to try and help. I know all the diff sites can end up feeling like work but I think your outfit pics would be a great addition to Pinterest too 🙂 Prob would bring more readers here too! Xo


    It is just a point & shoot, maybe someday I can get a DSLR… I feel a little wierd pinning myself to Pinterest for some reason, but I have been getting some hits from there thanks to readers pinning me


I am clueluess on cameras but I do like the skinnies and booties look. It is fresh and fun and a nice change from tall boots all the time. Great outfit!