How I Wear My: Lace

Today Adrienne and Jill are hosting “How I Wear My: Lace” for us bloggers! I don’t have a ton of lace in my closet, but I love how lace can add a little feminity to anything – whether peeking out under a v-neck, or a full on lace dress. So I’ve decided to compile the few outfits of mine that I’ve worn that showcase lace altogether here.

August saw this casual outfit incorporating my red jeans and I’m really missing that tan I had right now! The t-shirt has just a tiny bit of lace detailing, my MIL bought this for me at a Nordstrom sale.

This outfit was seen back in September, I picked up this t-shirt on sale at the Loft and love how the lace detailing makes it special. No boring grey t-shirt here. Kept it casual but polished with my favorite jeans and a red blazer.

I went for something other than a t-shirt when I found this lacey blouse for 50% off at Ann Taylor in December. I adore this blouse, I think it is very romantic. I wore it once dressed up for a concert with velvet skinny pants, and then again more casually for work with jeans and a black blazer.

How do you wear your lacey items? Be sure to go on over to check out all the other lovely ladies showing how they wear lace!

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The first picture is my favorite. You have the thighs to wear red jeans, and it would be fun to see more outfits with these.

I’ve only worn lace in lingerie, but I’m inspired by some of the lacy things I’ve seen on Downton. Maybe a nice dress with some lace would be a good way to dip my toe in.


    Thanks Rebekah, I will try and break those out more. I would love to see you in a lace dress!


I adore the Ann Taylor blouse featured in the last two photos – all of your looks are beauties, but that one is gorgeous!

Thank you so very much for participating with Jill and me again this month. xoxo, A