Night on the Town

I don’t know if I mentioned that we had an unusually dry December here in Seattle, but I can assure you, we are paying for it now. I knew this would happen! I think soggy is the best word to describe it. I swear this is the worst place to be a fashion blogger. Lots of wind and rain hardly inspire me to pull out anything other than jeans and boots. Let’s hope for a dry February I guess!

Today’s outfit pictures did not turn out well, so instead I will share Saturday night’s outfit. We started the night off at one of our favorite lounges to say goodbye to a friend that is moving to Las Vegas, and then headed with our wonderful group of friends to a fun bar that has a really good DJ. I decided to go with a black and gold theme for the night I guess! This is a pretty easy winter going out formula though – skinny black pants, sparkly sweater, leopard print heels. Just add some fun jewelry, a clutch, and if you are here in Seattle a heavy coat, gloves and an umbrella : ) That is why I only go to places with a coat check in the winter!

Velvet Skinnies – Gap (similar), Sweater – Ann Taylor (similar), Cami – Target, Shoes – Max Studio (similar), Necklace – JewelMint

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That is a great evening outfit. You could wear that to so many different types of events…dinner with your husband, holiday party, drinks with your friends.

You have inspired me to try skinny jeans. I had a pair that I only wore with tall boots. My husband hated the backside – said they made me look wide – so I donated them. I have always though that I looked awful in skinny jeans without boots but I wanted to give it a shot. I got a new pair the other day and am going to try wearing them the way you suggested to me a couple of months ago – with pumps and a blazer.
Wish me luck! Eek!
xoxo, A


    I am so happy you are going to try them! I think the key is finding the right pair. Just like every pair of boot cut jeans isn’t going to look good, neither will every pair of skinnies. I think you will look amazing!

Emily Rapp

Love the gold and the leopard! I would have avoided it thinking it’d be too flashy but you make it look super cute!


Love the gold and leopard too! Might just have to pin this!!!!! Woohoo!


such a cute outfit! love those heels 🙂


I’m finally catching up on all my blogs (you are the MOST consistent poster ever btw) and see this one mentioning my lil going away party and wanted to thank you again for coming out 🙂 If y’all are ever in Vegas, door is always open 🙂 xoxo


    Thanks Carrie, I totally want to come to Vegas for a trip sometime!