Happiness in times of Sadness

Hello readers, sorry for my absence yesterday. A friend of mine had a devestating loss over the weekend and I wasn’t sure how I felt about posting this week. I won’t go into details to respect her privacy, but when a tragedy happens, all of the sudden so many things just seem not to matter, things like what outfit you put together or what you are having for dinner. However, I’ve unfortunately had to lose someone very close to me, and through that, and seeing others I care about have to deal with losing someone they love, what I do know is that we should take advantage of every opportunity to find happiness and joy in life for the time we have here, no matter how seemingly trivial some of those things are. Whether it is running, dancing, fishing, cooking, spending time with loved ones, etc. don’t miss out on an opportunity to do something that makes you smile. For me, a bright spot in each day is taking the time to do this blog. It isn’t just about the outfits or the recipes, it is about connecting with others who share my passions and being part of a supportive and fun community. So I’ve decided to resume regular posting tomorrow, because I feel a great way to honor those who have passed, is for those of  us still here to keep on living life to the fullest.

I find this quote below to be particularly true after losing my best friend over 4 years ago. The sadness will never be completely gone, but I’ve learned to go on and find happiness in spite of it, it is what she would have wanted. I would never compare my loss to someone else’s, they each are different, but I hope someday my friend finds this to be true as well.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…
It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.
– Vivian Greene

See you tomorrow.

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I think that it is exactly spot-on: those really hard times, the times where your heart absolutely shatters and you’re never sure if it will ever feel “right” again……those times also conversely make the times when you’re enjoying what you do and the life and love around you, so so much sweeter.
My condolences to your friend for their loss.

jill wittwer

oh amy, i am so sorry to hear the news about your friend (and your best friend 4 years ago). i will keep you both in my thoughts. peace and strength to both of you during this difficult time. ~jill

Katie Wilson Murray

Amen, Amy. Stopping our lives does nothing to bring them back and living life to the fullest is a great tribute. I am certain Jenn is snapping away as you move forward and dance!!


My heart goes out to your friend. I recently lost my mom and your quote made me feel really better today, Your friend is in my prayers,


    Thanks Marita, sorry about your Mom. I’m glad it could help make you feel a little better.


My most sincere condolences to your friend for their loss. I too lost a friend recently and it does change life’s perspective. Make everyday a happy day.


    Thank you MC, sorry for your loss as well


Thinking of you and your friend today. Thank you for sharing this, Amy.

Brittany B

Thanks Amy for a great post and I am sorry for you and your friend. I still think about Jenn often and yesterday one of my best friends lost her dad so it was an especially poignant post