A Different kind of Animal

We are apparently preparing for Snowmaggedon 2012 here in Seattle tonight into tomorrow. I am sort of hoping it actually happens so I can spend tomorrow at home with my heater in cozy clothes. We are totally unprepared for snow here, so when it happens everything basically shuts down because we don’t have enough snowplows to keep the roads in decent condition. Unfortunately I live very close to my office, so it is harder for me to claim I can’t get to work, but I figure if no one else is here then I shouldn’t have to be either, right? We’ll see!

You all know my obsession with leopard print, so when I saw this animal print sweater at Express for $15, it insisted on coming home with me. Is it just a different color leopard, or perhaps a cheetah print? I really don’t know the answer, and don’t particularly care because I love it either way.

(Sorry about the enormous box in the picture, must have the husband move that tonight)

Sweater – Express, Blouse – Ann Taylor (similar), Pants – Ann Taylor (similar), Boots – Bandolino, Necklace – Premier Designs

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