Happy Friday everyone! So glad the weekend is upon us. Let’s start this Friday out with a little link love from around the blogosphere.

What you’re Up Against from Free the Animal  – Reading something like this really scares me when it comes to the government taking over healthcare. New views, ideas, and experiences are simply not wanted, we are all about the status quo and proving that what we’ve been doing is right, instead of maybe taking a step back and seeing possible alternatives. Because conventional wisdom has clearly been working so well…

Lessons on Real Food from 100 Years ago – Too bad things aren’t labeled “imitation” anymore. Wouldn’t want people to get the idea that they are eating something fake now would we.

I spend a lot of time reading studies, and weeding out the good from the bad, as well as the observational from the clinical. Biggest thing I have learned is that CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. Unfortunately so many studies in the media with their scary headlines are simply observational studies that don’t prove anything except a possible hypothesis for clincial study. My biggest frustration is often with magazines who tout “a new study finds xyz something scary” and then we aren’t even provided with the study to look into ourselves. I suggest everyone watch this funny and informative video called “Science for Smart People” so that you know the difference and don’t fall victim to blindly believing media headlines and observational data. (and even clinical studies need to be looked at with a critical eye)

I think that’s enough food related stuff for today, let’s get on with the fashion!

Let’s just say it is COLD here in the PNW today. The news told me 27 degrees when I was getting ready to be exact. Perfect day to pull out my warm faux fur vest and suede boots to keep me toasty. The shirt is actually a rasberry pink, it looks a little red in the pictures, but either way, I always love a little color.

This weekend I have some secret birthday festivities planned for the husband – should be fun! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Jeans – Citizens of Humanity, T shirt – GAP, Vest – LOFT, Boots – BCBGeneration via Ross