Black, White & a little Grey

Well last night I accomplished laundry, but no packing. I am however caught up on Gossip Girl so at least I have my priorities straight! So tonight I will be doing lots of packing along with using up the perishables in the fridge to make Morrocan Chicken Casserole.

Today I am going to lunch with my uber glamourous  friend Jaymee. She works at Nordstrom in the Consumer Insights department and always looks fabulous. I wish I got a discount at Nordstrom!

I had to get a little dressed up as to not look like a total schlump next to her, so I went with this winter white sweater dress (or tunic?) that I haven’t worn this year yet. I’m also sort of getting into wearing booties with dresses now, which I haven’t done much before, and this is ironic because Angie at You Look Fab posted on just that subject today. Tied it all together with a necklace that pulls out all 3 colors (or non colors) and now I’m off for my lunch date!

Happy Hump Day!

Tunic and Cami – Express, Leggings – Old Navy, Boots – Nine West, Jewelry – Premier Designs

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I have entertained the idea of booties with dresses/skirts but have not yet tried it out. You look great in yours…I may have to play around with that soon.


    I thought forever I couldn’t do it because I don’t have super long skinny legs. So if I can do it, you definitely can! Just like I thought I couldn’t do skinny jeans, sometimes it just takes adjusting your eye and what you are used to a bit.


I’m really enjoying the booties look right now. I always liked to wear them, but it’s nice that you can see some of the details on them now since wearing them outside of the pants is popular. I just love a long tunic such as this one, so cozy!