Wins and Awards

Well yesterday was a very exciting day for me. First, the very chic Rebekah at Cupcake Caramel gave me my first blog award. Then I found out I won the JewelMint giveaway from The Paleo Project. And to top it all off Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was amazing! (my favorite song of the show – “Ten Minutes Ago“).

So thanks to Rebekah for awarding me the Libster Blog! This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers (although with the addition of my Facebook followers WordPress is now saying I have 210! yipee!). I would like to pass the award to the following wonderful blogs that deserve to have their followings continuously grow! (Note: Total followers are sort of hard to figure out. Many of these ladies might well have more than 200 if you combine their Subscribers, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. but I’m generally going off Google followers or whatever else is visible on their blog. The point here is to help each other grow, so make sure you follow them on Google, Facebook, or whatever else)

  • Let’s start with Jenna at The Paleo Project! I am so excited to have won her giveaway and am really enjoying her blog. She is funny, posts great recipes, and I love that she and her boyfriend are on a journey to cook instead of relying on convenience foods. (Just noticed that Jenna has like 800 Facebook followers, I only noticed the Google followers before – leaving her on here anyway!)
  • Loving Marion over at Marionberry Style. She’s gorgeous, has a great sense of style, and takes fabulous pictures. Plus she wrote me a lovely email and told me she and her husband are also low carbers, following the principles of the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. Check her out and definitely follow her on Pinterest too!
  • A brand new blog out, a joining of forces by 2 of my favorite bloggers Rebekah and Adrienne – Sugarless, Flourless, and Fabulous offers great information and recipes based on their personal low carb journey.
  • I often mention Sarah at The Daily Sophisticate here, I’ve copied quite a few of her outfits. Not only does she have an amazing sense of style and a fabulous wardrobe, she also lost 70 pounds doing Crossfit and Paleo and has some great posts about self-acceptance and dressing while you are losing weight.
  • And last but not least, Natalie over at When Life Hands you a Pear embraces her curvy shape, always finds great bargains, and looks fabulous while doing it! (Natalie, I couldn’t see how many followers you have so I just took a guess)

The rules for accepting the award and posting the widget are to:

  1. Link back to me and express your heartfelt, undying gratitude. : )
  2. Pass it to five more bloggers; remember to communicate to them!
  3. Copy and paste said award to your blog. We bloggers live for visual awards.
  4. Keep the love flowing. They’ll tell four friends, and they’ll tell four friends, and…

Now after all that bloggy excitement hopefully today’s outfit isn’t a let down. Jazzed up my skinny army green pants and sweater combo with a colorful necklace and have nice warm feet in my brown suede boots. Are you ever just so, so glad that you went ahead and bought something even if it was sort of pricey? That is these boots for me, they have gotten so much use this Fall and Winter already, the cost per wear of the $112 I spent on them is getting down to nothing.

Looking forward to lunch with my friend Julie today and then tonight I have nothing more exciting than doing laundry and packing for our holiday trips. I do plan on finally catching up on Gossip Girl while doing this though, so that makes it a little less painful : )

Pants- Hudson via Nordstrom Rack (similar), Sweater – Halogen (similar), Cami – Merona, Boots – Halogen, Jewelry – Premier Designs


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You are so kind. I’ll work on this!


Thank you for passing on this award to our newborn blog! You have been such an inspiration to both me and Rebekah.

I love the purple and olive green combination. You are looking gorgeous as always. xo, Adrienne


Congratulations on your award! And I love these soft colors on you.


Thanks, Amy! I’m excited to go read some new blogs you cited in your list.


Aww, you are so sweet Amy! Thank you so much for this award 🙂 It means a ton to me…
BTW – I’m absolutely in love with this shade of purple on you. I think blondes look amazing in this hue…
And the suede boots are gorgeous…def worth the investment. I’ll be featuring my black suede boots in a post later this week (great minds think alike 🙂 )

XO – Marion