1 Faux Fur Vest, 5 Ways (plus a bonus)

December’s 1 item, 5 ways series is finally ready! I’ve been having a lot of fun with my faux fur vest this month, a few of these outfits you’ve already seen, but I put together some new ones too, and last night when I was finishing this up the lighting allowed me to take pics with a slightly more festive background.

So here we go!

1. This was the first time you saw the vest on my blog. Layered over a silky blouse with jeans and boots that pick up the soft brown color.

2. An all black base let’s the vest stand out. Thanks to Pink Peonies for the inspiration!

3. I did this outfit awhile back and noted at the time a faux fur vest would be the perfect completer piece so here it is again with the finishing touch!

4. I’m always looking for ways to remix a dress and adding a faux fur vest is a perfect way to change it up. Here I just added to my brown striped sweater dress – I love the monochromatic palate with different textures to provide interest.

5. For some reason I loved the idea of popping a green blouse under this vest. Paired with black pants and deep red tassle shoes, I find this to be very festive.

And just for fun, here is a 6th, an idea that I mentioned Sarah from the Daily Sophisticate gave me on Friday when I wore my royal blue turtleneck.

So there you have it, a faux fur vest, not 5 ways, but 6! Do you have a favorite? How are you wearing your faux fur vest this season?

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect vest, you might check these out.

Loft, Jessica Simpson, Ralph Lauren , CeCe, Loft (clearance), Calvin Klein, Express (mine), Loft

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What fun, I always enjoy an outfit or item remix! All of these are fab, but I especially like the vest with the stripes and paired with those soft brown boots. How about pairing the vest with some leather for some texture contrast?