Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? I’m a firm believer in this. That’s why when I saw this outfit over at Pink Peonies I knew I would be flat out copying it right down to the pearls. Now if only I could magically have her outdoor setting, photographer, and gorgeous hair… but alas we just have my little self timer camera and the Crate and Barrell wall art.

You last saw my faux fur vest worn here, and I’m so glad I decided that this little beauty would be ok for the office because I am having a lot of fun with it. This pencil skirt isn’t worn that often, as the Seattle weather makes me more of a pants person, but I am so glad it has hung in there with me over the years. I picked this up on clearance pre-weight loss and then had it taken into fit because it is just such a good, classic item but has some fun pleating in the back that you can sort of see in 2nd pic.

For hair today, I finally figured out how to curl my hair with a straigtening iron and it was soooo easy and much faster than the curling iron! I can’t believe how long this has taken me. The key was seeing this video on The Small Thing blog. This girls has tons of amazing hair videos. I had always tried using the straightening iron like a curling iron, and that was wrong, wrong, wrong! All you have to do is twist is slightly and move down to the bottom of piece and, like magic, you have the perfect curl. I didn’t even have to do mine in layers like she does, just one piece of hair all the way around and you see today’s results.

So glad it is Friday, I have a fun night of watching movies and eating homemade butternut squash soup planned with my Cousin Lisa (I capitalize Cousin because everyone literally calls her “Cousin” or “Cousin Lisa”). Saturday I am meeting up with the Seattlites from You Look Fab (so excited about that!) and then getting my hair highlighted – yipee! Saturday night it is holiday party time (still need to figure out what I am wearing but will try and actually take some pics) then Sunday lots and lots of errands followed by our condo building holiday party – this time of year is busy!

Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend! Any exciting parties to go to?

(ps. Was checking out The Limited website for “similar” links and they have a lot of really cute skirts at 40% off if anyone is in the market!)

Skirt- Limited (similar), Vest – Express, Tshirt – Ann Taylor (similar), Shoes – Payless, Pearls – Premier Designs

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Such a classy, yet fun, look. You look really good in dark neutral colors and red lipstick.


Loving the faux fur vest with the black pencil skirt! You look gorgeous! I’m thinking I may need to try this look out! 🙂
XO – Marion


Oh my gosh! I found your blog through my referring URL’s and I’m so flattered that you re-created this look! You look AMAZING and totally made my day 🙂



    Thanks for so graciously letting me copy : ) Glad you liked!


Great oufit and look at that body with the curls, your hair looks super too!