Nordie’s Party and Winter White

Yes, we made it to Friday! This weekend we are finally picking up our grass-fed cow from Whidbey Island, have Michael’s company holiday party, and then are headed to Tacoma on Sunday to see our favorite Seattle jazz singer, Stephanie Porter, in a holiday concert, can’t wait!

Going to start this post off with a  little non-fashion related stuff because this really got under my skin. Doing my usual Pinterest surfing yesterday and I come across this, with people pinning it to their “good idea” boards…

Pinned Image

Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? Better Homes & Gardens is giving people advice to use this (Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Egg Whites, Artificial Flavor, Cream of Tartar, Xanthan Gum, Artificial Color (contains Blue 1)) instead of this (Cream, Salt) in their food to make it “healthier”. I won’t even link to the article because it is full of bad substitutions and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of thinking people are actually viewing this nonsense. This is where the fear of fat has gotten us folks – eating crap instead of real food, bring on the corn syrup! Thinking Kraft is a big advertiser perhaps. I’ll take the butter thank you very much, and plenty of it. On that note, I highly recomment this post from Tom Naughton, if you have children it looks it won’t be long until Big Pharma is coming after them with the statins too.

Thank you for humoring me, now onto more pleasant things. Last night Michael and I went to the Nordstrom Holiday Shopping party at the Flagship store here in downtown Seattle. Basically they shut down the store for card holders, pass around champagne and appetizers, and have a live band and singer playing Christmas music! Now that is how I like to shop! Just picked up a few gifts for people, nothing too exciting, but it was really fun and will definitely be going again next year. I ran home after Crossfit to get ready, hopped in the shower, brushed my hair out, and decided to get a little dressed up. Black skinnies are always a good place to start, and I just added the shimmery gold tunic sweater I picked up at Ann Taylor for $17 at Black Friday shopping. Sparkles yay! Only thing that could make it better is the faux fur cropped jacket I got back in September for $50 at Ross (sometimes you come across the most random bargains there). Michael of course rolls his eyes when I put this on thinking it is a bit much for a Thursday night, but I don’t care, I love it! A swip of red lipstick, my new favorite accessory, and we were out the door! I’m pretty sure I got ready in 20 minutes which is a record for me.

Here I am outside our place waiting for the cab, it was too cold to walk! I left the tree on top of the Space Needle in there for you : ).




















Here’s my hunny picking out a scarf for me to give him…

And now for the Winter White! One of my all time favorite colors. There’s something so soft and pretty about a beautiful creamy white. Just got these pants that I bought last winter back from the tailor (having the hem let out a little), so decided to build around them. This little blazer is another never worn, tags still on, hand me down from my mother-in-law –  it is just so rough getting second hand clothes : ) I love the gorgeous lace detailing! Added a pop of color with the berry colored tank, leopard pumps, and out the door. Thinking I might like to try these pants and shoes with my denim button down next time for a more casual look.

Happy Friday everyone, have a fabulous weekend!

Pants – WHBM (similar), Tank – Loft (similar), Jacket – WHBM (similar), Shoes – Max Studio (similar), Necklace – Premier Designs

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I think butter is one of the best items to use in the kitchen. It makes me really sad when I read article after article advising to reduce butter use and replace it with plant based oils. Love your holiday shopping outfit. Perfect for Christmas Eve (or day) too! Or even New Years Eve. And great winter white trousers. In the winter, when you start to see a sea of black or blue bottoms, white is so refreshing!


    Totally agree, unfortunately processed oils are big business. Thank you for the compliment!


I am horrified by Better Homes and Gardens. How exactly do we use the marshmallow fluff – over green beans? to cook pancakes? to coat a roast chicken?

As an eater, you have to be so, so vigilant about the toxins that are out there. Thank you for being one of the bloggers who is talking about this! I hope your base is wide enough to reach the multitudes!

I miss the Nordie’s event – the ones in Austin just aren’t the same as those in Seattle!


    It suggests using it in a recipe instead of butter for something such as frosting. It of course also suggests we use margarine instead of butter on other things. ug, gross.
    Hopefully the Nordie’s events there will get better!