Yep, more Leopard…

I have now added a leopard print pencil skirt to my leopard repertoire that already includes a belt, blouse, and shoes. I just love it! I picked this up on my Black Friday shopping excursion at WHBM. It was on clearance plus an extra 25% off. I really love WHBM but it is hard to find stuff there on a really good discount, so when this opportunity presented itself, I didn’t pass it up. Unlike Ann Taylor, GAP, and many other stores, they rarely have a percent off everything sale. Now everyone at work is wondering what my obsession with furry things AND leopards is… (actually, let’s be honest, they could care less – that’s what I’m counting on you all for!) To tone down this statement piece I kept everything else black and because the skirt is body hugging, balanced out by covering up a little more with the turtleneck. I always like to break up turtlenecks with a longer necklace to help avoid the “uniboob” look so added my pearls. My skirt is headed to happy hour tonight with some girlfriends, it is very happy it gets to go somewhere other than the office today : )

In case you are wondering, I survived my first night of Crossfit on-ramp. It wasn’t as hard as some of my Crossfit bootcamp classes, but let’s be honest, this was just the first class! Fun though, and the most efficient workout possible, as always. Can’t wait for the night we cover double-unders. Most people hate these, but as a former competitive jumproper (yep, they exist), these are easy-peasy for me! 20 double-unders in a row, no sweat : )

Happy Hump Day!

Skirt – WHBM (similar), Turtleneck – Loft, clearance from a few years ago (similar), Shoes – Payless (love these too!), Tights – Spanx Tight End, Necklace – Premier Designs

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You had me at leopard. But then really at competitive jump roper.


I thin this is adorable. Very classy!


LOVE the skirt!


Great outfit! Hmmm, we must have the same obsession. I have a leopard blouse, leopard pumps, grey leopard belt, and great leopard pencil skirt (charter club). Oh, and I have a non-leopard but extremely furry faux fur collared sweater.


    Thanks Lauren, your leopard stuff sounds awesome!


I don’t think a closet can ever have too much leopard. It’s a classic print. Lovely new skirt.


This is so absolutely fantastic! What a great fit and length on you!

Competitive jumproper, huh? Gotta say I’m intrigued. 😉