A Day of Eats #2

As I said awhile back, every once in awhile I will put together a full day of eats, so here is round 2 from yesterday.

I started the day with a yummy breakfast cooked by Michael. 2 slices of Zoe’s Meats bacon along with 3 scrambled eggs all delivered by Spud.com  – I usually only eat 2 eggs in the morning, but Michael made 3 for some reason, and I was hungry so I ate them all.

I had a cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream and a Stevia packet around 9:30am at work

Then around 12:30pm I got a little hungry so ate the small lunch I packed. I realized I’m just not that hungry in the middle of the day and need more of a snack than a full meal so have started packing just a light lunch. Yesterday it was Applegate Farms ham slices wrapped around avocado slices (a half avocado in total) along with organic baby carrots and a mini caprese salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Just a glass of water with lunch.

My office was freezing in the afternoon so I warmed up with a mug of decaf black tea (I can’t drink caffeine in the afternoon) that I added a splash of heavy cream and a packet of Stevia to.

Dinner was a delicious grass-fed pot roast (also delivered by Spud.com) that I made in the Crockpot – so yummy! I used the combo of these recipes from Sleep Eat Love here and here. I didn’t have squash so I used onion, baby carrots, celery, and 1 apple I had on hand in mine for the veggies. Dinner was accompanied by about a glass and a half of red wine, and I munched on 1 little pumpkin spice cake I had left over from the weekend as well. A pretty delicious Wednesday I think!

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All of that looks yummy!

sulky kitten

Oh thanks for posting this! It’s really helpful,,,,and you’ve given me a few good ideas too!


Just curious – do you feel you’re getting enough protein in your lunch, or is your lunch focused on veggies because breakfast is primarily protein?

Dinner looks so yummy. My husband hates pot roast, but I’m hoping to change his mind with some good recipes. Once the weather turns cooler, I am making a paleo pot roast.


    Good question, I would say our diet is more high fat, moderate protein, low carb. I don’t limit my protein at lunch, but the avocado and olive oil here gives me enough fat to keep me satiated, that is really the most important for me. And yes, breakfast is lots of protein as well.


Thanks for recapping your day. My hardest meal to replan is lunch. I never know what to bring.