As I said awhile back, every once in awhile I will put together a full day of eats, so here is round 2 from yesterday.

I started the day with a yummy breakfast cooked by Michael. 2 slices of Zoe’s Meats bacon along with 3 scrambled eggs all delivered by  – I usually only eat 2 eggs in the morning, but Michael made 3 for some reason, and I was hungry so I ate them all.

I had a cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream and a Stevia packet around 9:30am at work

Then around 12:30pm I got a little hungry so ate the small lunch I packed. I realized I’m just not that hungry in the middle of the day and need more of a snack than a full meal so have started packing just a light lunch. Yesterday it was Applegate Farms ham slices wrapped around avocado slices (a half avocado in total) along with organic baby carrots and a mini caprese salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Just a glass of water with lunch.

My office was freezing in the afternoon so I warmed up with a mug of decaf black tea (I can’t drink caffeine in the afternoon) that I added a splash of heavy cream and a packet of Stevia to.

Dinner was a delicious grass-fed pot roast (also delivered by that I made in the Crockpot – so yummy! I used the combo of these recipes from Sleep Eat Love here and here. I didn’t have squash so I used onion, baby carrots, celery, and 1 apple I had on hand in mine for the veggies. Dinner was accompanied by about a glass and a half of red wine, and I munched on 1 little pumpkin spice cake I had left over from the weekend as well. A pretty delicious Wednesday I think!