Drawing a Blank

I cannot come up with a good blog title today! Perhaps I need another cup of coffee…

I was actually planning on wearing a skirt today, and even shaved my legs, but then then MJ from Q13 Fox told me how cold and windy it was so I changed that plan to be jeans, boots, and a warm sweater. Then I walked outside and found out she may have been overdramatizing just a bit. Oh well, now I know what I will wear tomorrow when it is supposed to be warmer!

You saw this sweater last week a bit more dressed up, today dressed down a bit with jeans and I decided to go with my brown suede boots instead of black to pull out the pretty brown shades in the collar.

As for my hair, in the past I had tried using my flat iron to curl it and it didn’t work too well. Gave it another shot today and it was actually really easy!

Happy Wednesday!

Jeans – Citizens, Sweater – Loft, Tank – Loft (similar), Boots – Halogen


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Erin (@MomsHaveStyle2)

I very nearly bought that same sweater and I am now KICKING myself for not pulling the trigger. You look fantastic. Those are perfect boots with it, too. DAMNIT.


    ha ha, you can still get in online and it is 40% off the sale price right now!


You always look so good in these photos, but I had to comment because I just love those boots and that sweater!


That sweater ROCKS! and I love it with these boots. And tomorrow you’ll be ahead of the game knowing what to wear with your clean-shaved legs!


I’m not sure which version I like better, this dressed down one or the dressed up version.I really like both and both styles really work with the fur sweater. I think the light boots were a perfect choice here, to continue the casual vibe of the jeans with the sweater. And the boots tie into the fur collar nicely!