So in case you haven’t noticed yet, I really never bake. I much prefer just cooking because I like throwing random things into a pot without measuring too exactly and seeing what comes out.

However, we were having friends over on Saturday night and given that it is pumpkin season and it is one of my favorite flavors, I decided to try my hand a baking a Primal friendly treat. My good friend, April, has a young son, and as part of their family going Paleo/Primal, she has tried out some fun treats that are kid and adult approved! She recommended I give these cookies and cakes from The Food Lover’s Primal Palate a shot and I’m so glad I did – delicious! The only sweetener used is pure maple syrup.

Here are my cakes that I made in a mini muffin tray – recipe made 24. Just grease well with coconut oil! I used butter and not quite enough I think so the bottom half of muffin isn’t as pretty as the top. I also added a few very dark chocolate morsels to mine.

And here are the cookies – so tasty!

Thanks to the Primal Palate for the wonderful recipe (their cookbook is currently on the way to me) and to April for a great recommendation!