Spaghetti Squash Skillet Dinner

This is a take on “Emergency Protein” or “Garbage Stir Fry” that I came up with last night. We are headed to North Carolina for my one of my Cousin’s wedding on Thursday morning, so trying to use up all the stuff I have before we leave. I had a spaghetti squash that needed to be used as well as some defrosted Italian Sausage, along with a bunch of stuff in the fridge so I threw this together just grabbing things I had on hand.Here is what I used, but really the point is to just use things you have before they go bad!

1 Spaghetti Squash

3 Bell Peppers – I had red, yellow, and orange on hand

1/2 onion

1 tsp. crushed garlic

4 Italian Sausage links (2 of the links I used had green chile in them as well)

1/4 cup chicken broth

1 can diced tomatoes

TJ’s 21 seasoning salute or another herb blend seasoning

Salt and Pepper

Parmesean Cheese (optional)


Stab spaghetti squash with knife all over and put in microwave 8-10 minutes depending on size (once down, slice in half and set to side to cool off a little)

Remove sasuage from casing and sautee in skillet until cooked

Simultaneously, in a  small skillet, sautee onion in a little olive oil along with garlic until soft (this is optional to do seperately, I”m sure it would be fine if you just added in to big skillet)

Add onion and garlic mixture to big skillet

Add some salt, pepper, and seasoning mix at this point

Add bell peppers and 1/4 cup chicken broth and sautee until peppers soften a bit, 5 minutes maybe

Put can of diced tomatoes in skillet, along with more salt, pepper, and seasoning mix and cook until peppers are to desired tenderness.

Now scoop out seeds from the squash into trash, then using fork scrap 1/2 of the squash into the skillet and stir. If you want more squash in your dish, add more from the other half. Save any leftover squash for another meal.

Taste for seasoning, add any more if needed and then you are ready to serve!

I topped mine with a little parmesean cheese and some avocado because I need to use it up


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