Gingham and Mustard

Today’s outfit is a combination of a few past favorites – see here and here. One of the other advisors at my sorority meeting last night may have also been wearing a gingham shirt with a navy blue sweater over it… I love it when inspiration comes out of nowhere. So today I mixed things up by wearing my cream colored jeans, instead of blue jeans. I got these jeans for just $20 at the end of summer from the GAP, they were a size too big. No problem, a little trip to the tailor to have the waist taken in and now they are perfect! Fall is also the perfect time to simply layer a warm outfit with a blazer for the outdoors, instead of taking along a jacket. I love this mustard blazer and can’t wait to make it work in lots of outfits for the indoors and the outdoors!

Jeans – GAP (similar), Blouse – Old Navy (similar), Sweater – Zara, Blazer – Zara, Shoes – Target, Necklace – Premier Designs

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That blazer steals the show in this outfit. It’s a lovely color for fall.

KFun (@KFun)

Hey Amy! I didn’t know you blogged! I love it though! I’m a new follower. 🙂

~Kristin Funston


Hi Amy!
I am a follower from the You Look Fab website. I am enjoying your blog, and I love your style. I especially love this outfit- I was wondering about the fit of the sweater and jacket. Does the sizing at Zara’s run small? Just from looking at thier measurements on the size guide looks like might be. I am 39 in chest and wondered if the M or L would be best especially for the jacket.
I look forward to more great outfit ideas from your blog.
Thanks! Vina


    Hi Vina! Thank you! I wish I could say that Zara’s sizing was totally consistent, but unfortunately not. This blazer is a size Medium, as well as the sweater, but I got another blazer from there in a Large. You might want to order both to try. Hope that helps!


Wow! The blazer really makes the whole outfit look so polished! I can’t wait to see what other things you do with it!

Vina Broderick

Hi again Amy!
I was wondering if you know of any other stores to buy a blue and white checked blouse, like the one you have.The AA blouse is huge (unisex i think). Also, I am looking for a leopard skin patterned scarf. The one you had linked in your post from Charlotte Russe has sold out! 🙁
I waited too long to buy it.
I have ordered the mustard jacket and would love to recreate this outfit!
Also, looking forward to other ways of styling the jacket!
Thank you,


I can’t say it enough, that blazer is so beautiful! I don’t have much corporate work experience, are all these outfits work appropriate?


    Thanks Kat! I would say that a lot of my wardrobe isn’t corporate appropriate, but I work for a tech company where the dress code is “there is no dress code”. Most of the people I work with come to the office in jeans, t shirts, and fleece so no matter what I am wearing, I am always the most dressed up! There would definitely be bloggers more suited to follow than I for people with corporate jobs.

Vina Broderick

Thank you for the links Amy!
I ordered the Brooks Brothers shirt- I just love Gingham! Sorry if I am copying you exactly! 🙂
I have another question I would like your advice on, if that’s okay. You have been so helpful to me!
I am trying to find dress pants but am having a tough time with proper fit.
I am 5 ft 3 in and rectangle. I have a tummy.
When I put on low rise pants they don’t feel comfortable. The tummy comes out over the top of the jeans.
When I try mid rise, these seem better but still I have a tummy over the top.. 🙁

Regular rise means that the tummy comes out as a “pooch” in the pants.
I am short waisted but I have a “regular” rise-(I always thought short waisted = short rise, but now I know why the regular rise feels better).
Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem, and what type of dress pants I could look at?

I do most of my shopping by internet, as I don’t live near any good stores.

I also wondered about skinnies that everyone is talking about. I have smaller thighs, so the skinnies I have tried on (only ones have been from Gap)again fit fine in the thigh, but the waist is too low and uncomfortable.

I would love some suggestions for where I can look, or what type of pants would suit me. I work in a professional office- I am a physician, and would love to feel comfortable in dress pants.
Thanks, sorry for the long post here.