The Thursday that should be Friday

Do you ever have those weeks that you feel like will never end. When calling in sick to work seems like a great idea? That has been my week this week. No specific reason, just ready for the weekend already! I must say, that if nothing else though, this blog gives me a little extra incentive to get myself out of bed, dressed in something I feel cute in, and out the door. So thanks to you readers!

Last night, after making it through my 2nd Crossfit Bootcamp, we went over for a Paleo dinner at our friend Emily and Nick’s place. It was a wonderful treat to have someone else cook and we enjoyed delicious short ribs with fresh green beans in a homemade red wine vinegar sauce. Nick and I are the cooks of our families, so we discussed lots of cooking methods and recipes as well. Emily went Paleo after she found out she had Celiac disease and has lost 40 pounds since October (“Wheat Belly” is a fascinating book I am currently halfway through that discusses, among other things, the increasing rate of Celiac disesase – highly recommend). She looks amazing and they are getting married in just a few weeks! What a great story, had fun talking with her about how much this lifestyle has changed not just our weight, but our lives for the better. Also had fun discussing the need for a full blown shoe closet with our husbands. They said the problem with this was that then we would feel like it needed to be completely filled with shoes (don’t see a problem with that) : )

I feel like for today’s outfit I was channeling a bit of Erin at Mom’s Have Style Too. This seems like something she would wear to me! I did get the idea to get pants and a belt like this from her…

Pants – Hudson via Nordstrom Rack (similar), Tank – The Loft (similar), Cardigan – Old Navy (similar), Shoes – Ann Taylor, Belt – NY&Co


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Nice pop of color with the belt. And the lighter colored pants are a refreshing change of pace. I would have added black bottoms out of habit, but the lighter one’s look lovely! You don’t see too many light colored bottoms in the stores for fall. It’s always black, gray, navy or brown. These were a great find!