“Carried” Away

Well last night I pulled out all my Fall/Winter shoes, fun to have stuff I haven’t seen for awhile out! Tonight is my 2nd session of Crossfit Bootcamp – wish me luck! Hopefully my tailbone will not get quite as damaged this time…

Today’s outfit inspiration comes from the beautiful Mrs. Carrie Underwood, via Pinterest – love it. Unfortunately I am missing a key piece so my outfit is not as fab – a vest! I have decided that a faux fur vest will be the next addition to my wardrobe this season as it would have been the perfect completer piece. Maybe a litle early to pull out the faux fur right now anyways, but I will do this again when I have found one!

Here is Carrie (so pretty! wish I could afford extensions like that!)

And here is my version – this gave me the idea to do the navy blue shirt with jeans, a little monochromatic, then add the leopard print shoe for a pop of pattern. I think this looks better in person as I didn’t have great light this morning – the jeans look a little lighter in person.

What do you think about faux fur vests? Yay or Nay?

Blouse – BR Mad Men collections (similar), Jeans – Citizens Ava, Shoes – Nine West (similar)

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I think a vest would look great! Go for it, I have several faux fur things and love them.


    I found one online at Kmart, hoping it works!


Anything with the word bootcamp in it just sounds hard. Kudos to you! I can’t wait to see this outfit again with that Kmart vest you ordered. The light colored vest will be lovely against the darker colors here. I don’t mind faux fur vests as long as they do not overwhelm the wearer. Sometimes they are so puffy!