A Little Lace and Heatless Curls Round 2

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was full of closet cleanouts! I had a new client, Kathy, a wonderful just turned 70 year old woman who is very active and wanted a little wardrobe sprucing up. She is looking more fabulous than ever now! Just goes to show you that great style matters at any age – looking your best equals feeling your best. Sunday I spent the afternoon helping my cousin, Jill, go through her closet. Jill is incredibly smart, she has a PhD in Physics and is currently working in engineering at Boeing, but her style needs a little evolving so she’s letting me help her out with that. Can’t wait to take her shopping!

Now Monday is here again, and I decided to give love Maegan’s other heatless curls a try last night. My hair was completely dry when I put it into buns though, wondering how having it a little damp would have worked. This morning just had to touch up a few strands with the curling iron, but overall pretty good I think! Michael said he didn’t like it much, but I like not having to use heat styling and he doesn’t have to see me all day anyways…

Lace is really big right now and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of it into my wardrobe. Picked up this tee on sale at The Loft, so pulled it out today and kept it simple with jeans and added my go to red blazer for a pop of color – the $25 I spent on this blazer in the Spring was definitely worth it!

Jeans – Citizens Ava, T-shirt – Loft, Blazer – H&M (similar), Shoes – Nine West Outlet

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I followed the link to the heatless curls tutorial (also from last week’s post, too) and am wanting to try this technique. I have lots and lots of stick straight, fine hair that requires large quantities of styling products and glue to hold a curl – and it still falls at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing your experience!


Love the the outfit. I love that t-shirt. I would love to see the changes you have made for your cousin and the senior. You don’t have to show their faces but to see the fashion updates would be loads of fun.


    I will work on getting some pics of my Cousin!


Those curls have a nice “bedhead” vibe to them. It’s fun to try new hairstyles every now and then. Great lace top, one of the nicest I’ve seen this season. And that red blazer is super on you. Every pairing you’ve done with it has been a great one although this one may be my favorite so far.