“Emergency Protein”and other random musings

Today is going to be a bit of a long post… and a fashion/hair one will be posted as well.

First of all, I survived Crossfit bootcamp!! Yay! It actually was kind of fun, although once a week is a good enough for me for now, perhaps I will bump that up next session. Only downside (apart from the sore muscles) is I have a big blister on my tailbone, but I will be ok I think – note to self, ask for a mat for sit-ups next time! Some good links here, here, and here to read more about how ineffective and even unhealthy “chronic cardio” is and the reason I wanted to give this a try. The workout I did was short but intense and boy was I sweaty! I will note that I am not doing this to lose weight – I believe that weight loss is at least 80% related to diet (along with things like sleep and stress level) and I am currently very happy with my weight and body based on what I put into my body and how I treat it, for the first time in my life I might add. (If you are just doing 45 minutes on the elliptical, or running 5 days a week thinking the pounds are going to melt away, then good luck.) I do however spend 7 hours a day sitting at a desk, and then a number of evenings hanging out on the couch, and I don’t think that is the way our bodies are meant to spend all of their time either. So I am giving this a try to help me stay strong and fit in a time effective and healthy way. I will still continue to do ballet class as well when I can, as it is something that I enjoy. What I can assure you I won’t do ever again is bore myself on the treadmill!

Now onto more random musings – came across this blog post yesterday titled “Switch from real strawberries to corn syrup or get shut down”. I’m sure all of you have heard this government talk about how they are going to create new jobs. This article just reinforces with me that what the government really needs to do is just get out of the way! Funny, do we think that perhaps the suggestion to use corn syrup might be in order to make sure we keep using all that corn the government is subsidizing? Just like their push for the “healthy whole grains” they are subsidizing? Way to go big government, clearly you’ve made us all healthier and opened doors for small businesses to succeed. As Tom Naughton likes to say “Head Bang On Desk”. Check out a related blog here from him showing the government once again overstepping their boundaries as a Chicago school bans kids from bringing lunch from home – apparently they think that they can do better than parents – they will of course undoubtedly provide them with fat free chocolate milk, baked french fries, and plenty of fake food and sugar bombs to make sure they don’t go over the government’s fat recommendations. Let’s blame parents and McDonald’s for our obesity problem instead of just admitting our nutritional advice is based off bad science and a bunch of nonsense. So sad. Ok, rant over. For now.

If you are still with me, last night for dinner I made Nom Nom Paleo’s suggestion of “Emergency Protein“. I went home after my bootcamp, Michael is telling me how hungry he is and I have nothing defrosted – so I decide I am going to just use what I have on hand to create something! I defrost a pound of grass fed ground beef, pull out all the veggies I have that are going to go bad soon and get to work! 2 slices of bacon cook while I chop an onion, then onion goes into the bacon drippings along with a little garlic and coconut oil, then ground beef is added and sauteed a bit before I add the broccoli, cauliflower, half a jar of roasted peppers & shredded carrots I have in the fridge along with a can of diced tomatoes and the chopped up bacon. Added a little salt, pepper, and a herb seasoning blend, along with a few Tbsp. of Tamari sauce (gluten free soy sauce) and sauteed until veggies were soft – delicious! I added a little goat cheese on top (in pic) but it was a bit strong and would just leave off entirely or sprinkle with a little parmesean instead. Give it a try next time you don’t know what to make!

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Yum! Great last-minute supper idea and low-carb, too.

My quickie fix is sauteed hamburger with garlic, onion and cumin and salt to taste. Top with fresh chopped green pepper and tomato, plus a dollop of sour cream or full-fat Greek yogurt.

It always makes a big difference to use the grass-fed beef. I was raised on antelope and elk, so any ground game meat would work in either of our recipes.


Some really interesting articles you linked to here Amy. Ever since I learned about eating high protein and fat and low carb and sugar eating, I’ve been impressed with the difference. And more critical of so called “recommendations.” I’ve also been questioning taking vitamins everyday. Surely I can get the vitamins I need from eating a diet with meat and vegetables and fruit without the “extra help” and less bathroom trips. This also flows over into exercise recommendations. I sit at a desk all day, which I know is not what my body is designed to do. Humans are designed to move around. And while I agree that we should be physical everyday long term, high intensity exercising doesn’t make much sense to me. It is a lot of wear and tear on the body overtime.