Patience Pays Off

Hump Day here again, oh how I wish it were Friday. But it’s not, it’s Wednesday. And I think I am going to start a bootcamp class at the Crossfit gym where Michael works out tonight. I convinced them to let me come just once a week instead of 3 times a week¬†– I could definitely not handle that. But the only clothes I have are for ballet so I am going to have to go find something appropriate to wear at lunch today. Michael says it isn’t as hard as actual Crossfit, he better not be lying! Hopefully I don’t die – I guess you will find out tomorrow!

So my blog title today is based off my patience in finding a great leopard print belt at the right price! I had my eye on this one at Ann Taylor, and was thinking it would be a great Fall wardrobe addition, but given I buy most of my belts at F21 or H&M, the price was a little steep, even with a 40% off sale. So I decided to keep my eye out for a more affordable option and I found this great belt at the 40% off Labor Day sale down in San Francisco from NY&Co – almost identical and half the price! Definitely worth it for $13.

Any great inexpensive alternatives you have found to otherwise pricey items?

Blouse РNY&Co (similar), Blazer РH&M (similar), Jeans РAnn Taylor (similar), Belt РNY&Co, Shoes РPayless (similar)

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A skinny leopard belt has been on my wish list for many months now. Now that the sales are on, you’ve inspired me to go investigate.


Amy, gorgeous as ever! What a steal on the leo belt!

p.s. You can TOTALLY do CrossFit! Give it a whirl!


    Thanks Heather! We’ll see how the Crossfit Bootcamp goes : )


I am a big fan of NY&Co for their costume jewelry. The pieces last a few seasons at a time and they always have a nice sale on them. I do not wear belts too often, so I prefer not to spend money on them. Target is my go to place for belts that are wallet friendly. This belt is just enough touch of print for this outfit. Nice!